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Wrinkle Treatment, Line and Fold Reduction

Wrinkle Treatment Overview

Superficial lines to the face, usually in the upper face, can be approached in a few different ways.

  • Vertical between the brows
  • The horizontal forehead lines
  • Crows feet
  • Lip lines
  • Fine facial lines
  • Facial fold and wrinkles

A proper assessment is always needed first.

A full medical history is taken. Consent is always needed.

Some types of lines are amenable to using dermal fillers.

Please refer to dermal fillers and to Botulinum relevant pages for more detail.

Dermal Filling

For FINE LINES preferred semi-permanent dermal filler is Juvederm 2. It is soft and pliant and fills the line leaving a natural appearance and in most cases lumps are easily avoided. More than one treatment is usually needed.

This approach works very well in the lip area too. A dental block is needed for lip work. Vertical lip lines do very well with careful filling- with a “less is more approach.”

Fine lines in the vertical frown are best treated with Botox first. This area can be hazardous to treat due to some anatomical considerations. It can be done and I have performed it very successfully in deep lines but you need to be aware of the risk involved.

Deeper folds or lines need a denser dermal filler such a Juvederm Ultra 3 or 4 or Teoysal.

Muscle relaxing injection for wrinkle treatment.

Has been used in main stream medicine for two decades in the treatment of muscle spasms in cerebral palsy, migraine, squints and torticollis before being used in aesthetic medicine.

Another popular approach is to treat the underlying muscle which can be relaxed using a specialised muscle relaxing injection technique. This has the effect of softening the appearance of the overlying wrinkles. This method has been used in cosmetic medicine for over a decade. A natural appearance can be achieved.

However extreme caution and specialised knowledge is needed.

In the right hand cosmetic treatments using muscle relaxation injections have a high safety profile. However a thorough understanding of anatomy and knowing how to use various approaches is necessary, as each person is different.

Sadly in recent years there has been flippancy about the approach to applying these treatments due to the lack of regulation of this field. I would recommend you never have treatment other that with an aesthetic doctor or another person registered with a nationally recognised regulated body. Some course certificates can be worthless.

This technique is suitable in women and men. The upper face does best. The lower face is generally not suitable and I would not recommend it for  treatment of lip lines. Filling is more effective and safer.

Wrinkles in men

Men do well with Botulinum but require larger doses.

Special consideration to the position of the brow is needed.

How is it done

  • The skin is cleaned
  • The area is marked out using a soft marker pen
  • Ice is applied before hand
  • You will be asked to make the expression as each injection goes in; each site needs between two to five injections
  • I use magnification to avoid bruising.
  • If you bruise easily I would ALWAYS advise this
  • There are small needle marks visible for an hour after
  • Small bruises can occur with crows feet treatment
  • A variety of injection types are available and we will advise what is best for you.

When will I see a result?

Onset of reaction is between three to fourteen days, so you must plan ahead for a special occasion. In some cases it comes on rapidly, in other more gradually. Everyone is different.

After Care

Usually treatment last for three to four months. In the first year it is anticipated three to four treatments are needed. Try to keep up the treatment to maintain the effect. Thereafter perhaps three or in some individuals only two per annum may be needed. With time and on-going treatment, even etched in lines can de-etch on a long term basis as the skin repairs.

What NOT to do after muscle relaxation treatment

  • Do not bend down to the floor or lie down for four hours. Bend the knees if you drop something;
  • No alcohol that night;
  • No heavy exercise that night;
  • No saunas or facial massages for two days;
  • Do not massage the area yourself.

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