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Hello! The whole of the Viridian Medical website has been transformed to make it easier to navigate and find the information  you want. ENJOY!

In the last year we have worked hard on evolving treatments that are beneficial and safe and complement a natural look.


We are proud of the addition of the Mount Alvernia Private Clinic just out of the  centre off GUILDFORD is discrete, high spec, very modern  with off street parking

With regards to treatments , I’m particularly  excited about Platelet Rich Plasma- The DRACULA Therapy which has swept both sides of the Atlantic.

I’ve been encouraged by the results I’m seeing in patients with  issues that have been trickier to address ;- such as loose skin around the eyes and crepy  facial skin.

Its been a marvellous adjunct to Fractioned LASER too. For the future we are exploring its application for treatment of hair thinning and baldness- so watch this space!

Please enjoy and contact us if you need more info.

Dr Bea Brookes FRCS


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