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Thin Lips or Lip Lines

Lip Enhancement Treatments – a pain free pout

Our approach is “less is more”
We do not believe in the “trout pout” or a “done” look

  • Enhance naturally thin lips
  • Plump thin lips
  • Enhance the volume of ageing lips
  • Reduce Vertical lip lines
  • Reduce smokers lines
  • Reduce a sad look
  • Plump up corners of the mouth

As we age our lips thin and lose volume and look flatter.

Some people have naturally thin lips.

Even if you are not a fan of the modern “bee stung” lip look or full pout, most people would agree that a well defined lip line and some plumpness is desirable.

The Juvederm ULTRA 3 Dermal Filler do this job beautifully *.

One of the most skilled of all the filling procedures, Viridian Medical is proud of its track record in giving clients a pain-free pout by using a proper dental block and numbing agents prior to injection (as one at the dentist).

This means you do not have to endure a terrible experience, and we do not have to compromise our goals.

A few millimetres increase in lip size can add a subtle but definite lip enhancement. Some minor abnormalities can also be corrected but should be discussed.


Lip Assessment

This is key to planning the best look. The proportions of the face must be considered first. The size of the lips relative to each other. The shape of the cupid bow and if you have vertical lip lines too.

Over-filling is a crime!

Very thing lips can be plumped out over time as the lip is grown.

We avoid a trout pout by changing techniques and approaches to suit you- rather than an over large top lip which looks awful.

Treatment Times

Because there is no need for a skin test the procedure can be carried out in a single visit. The treatment session typically takes less than thirty to forty minutes, but the time varies depending on the correction being performed. The procedure leaves no scars or other traces on the face.

Pain Relief

It is recommended that all lip procedures are carried out under a local anaesthetic injection using a dental type block. The effects of this wear off after about two to four hours. This means a comfortable procedure can be carried out to obtain optimal results. All patients are assessed on their suitability for a block, and it is not recommended if you have previously experienced an allergic reaction to a local anaesthetic.

After Care

After the treatment the lips often become swollen, and can throb for a few hours. Some swelling is usually expected for two to five days. The average is three days. This swelling means that the result immediately after the procedure may not be the final result. Because of this it may be necessary to have a touch up treatment within two to four weeks, but this is usually not necessary.

An information sheet is given to clients to reinforce the ‘dos and don’ts’ immediately after the procedure. For example, it is not recommended to have facials, drink alcohol for 24 hrs, or use a sauna, or steam room as blood flow is increased to the skin and bruising is more likely.

How long will the results last?

The treatment is long-lasting but not permanent. Typically it is effective for between four to nine months.


* I have now had several treatments with Dr. Brookes, mainly lip fillers. I have had Restylane Lipp in both my upper and lower lips and the results are fantastic. Dr. Brookes’ skill at not overdoing it meant that I ended up with beautifully enhanced lips without it looking like anything had been done and not a “trout pout” in sight. I have now also had Evolence breeze in my top lip and I cannot wait to do the bottom! The look is subtle and as ever Dr. Brookes made the whole experience easy and pain free. I am astonished at the outcome, the swelling all but disappeared with the local anaesthetic, and there was no need for an ice pack and no pain killers either. Sign me up again please!!
MJ, Woking


* Over the past three years I have had Restylane injections several times in my lips with different practitioners. The results obtained by Dr. Brookes have definitely been the best. The look I now have is a natural but definite improvement. You don’t have to go to London to get great results!
Miss A. Surrey

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* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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