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The VM Facelift

The Viridian Medical Non-Surgical Facelift

The plan is designed for those who wish to have a complete facial rejuvenation package without resorting to full surgery.

Enjoy our expertise and experience in planning comprehensive treatments to have a mini or full makeover. We aim to offer a full and comprehensive treatment plan with no hidden extras.

Below is an outline of the options available. There is flexibility within each plan and certain procedures can be interchanged depending on your needs. Each plan aims to give you comprehensive treatments that are also good value for money. The cumulative cost of each individual treatment would be far greater, in most cases at least 15% more.

How it works:

There are four plans to choose from, the cost of each plan is overleaf.

Each plan has a certain number of “points” so it allows flexibility for you. Each treatment type carries a certain number of points.

You may need or want more Sculptra and less Botox, or more laser than Sculptra, or just fillers and Botox. With longer treatment plans, this may change along the way depending on your progress.

Within the plan the treatments available are:

    • SmartxideDOT® laser- full or localised treatment
    • Sculptra® – one or more vials
    • Botulinum Toxin A – wrinkle therapy
    • Dermal filling – Juvederm ULTRA, TEOSYAL, etc
    • Lip filling and around the lip treatment
      • Restylane Vital for mesotherapy
      • Dermaroller for skin resurfacing
      • Facial sculpting with deep filling
      • Medical chemical peeling
      • Injection Lipolysis
      • ARBONNE skin care

Within the plan the treatments available are:

The Viridian Medical Facelift Plan aims to provide a full range of facial treatments to suit your individual needs. The patients most likely to benefit are those from mid forties onwards who by blending the different procedures available will have the best outcome.

Please note there is treatment flexibility within each plan depending on your need. This is to give you an idea of what each plan could contain.

Plan Cost Points Suggested Treatment Plan
A £2,250 10 points Four Botox
Two vials Sculptra
Three syringes of Dermal filling or laser can be substituted in
Usual cost: approx £2,875
B £3,150 15 points Smartxide Laser
Three – Five Botox
Three – Five Sculptra
Four fillers
Arbonne Skin Care
Usual cost: approx £4,400
C £4,700 25 points One-Two full Smartxide Lasers
Up to five Botox
Up to five Sculptra
Up to five Fillers
Arbonne Skin Care
Usual cost: approx £6,000
D £6,000 30 points Two full lasers or one full, two localised
Up to six Botox
Up to five Sculptra
Up to six Fillers
Two Gold Bags
Usual cost: approx £7,200
Treatment Points Comments
Botulinum toxin wrinkle treatment 1 For three areas
1 syringe of filler e.g. Juvederm 1
Sculptra 1 vial 1.5 Each vial is 1.5 points
Full Lips 1.5
Full face or full neck 5 Points depend on extent and depth.
Part face; eyes or around lips 2 Points depend on extent and depth.
Facial sculpting- deep filing for mid & lower face From 2
Chemical peels From 0.5-1.0 depending on peel type
Dermaroller 1-2 Depends on extent
Injection Lipolysis to chin and jowls 2
ARBONNE Skin Care full range and preferred client.  A gold bag. 1

Terms and Conditions of the “Viridian Medical Facelift” Plan

Advance Payments
To attract the significant reduction in overall cost to you we ask that the payment for your chosen plan is made in advance. We are happy that the full payment is made after your first injectable treatment with Dr Brookes to ensure you feel comfortable with the treatment and your decision.

If you do not proceed with your treatment or complete the course, we cannot refund your costs. If you develop a medical condition that prevents you continuing, this would of course be taken into consideration and refund of the outstanding treatments taken into consideration.

Please be aware this is a long term commitment by you and Dr Brookes. If Dr Brookes is unable to complete your treatment all outstanding points will be refunded in proportion to the cost of the plan you have paid for, ie not the individual value of each treatment.

Time restrictions
There are no time restrictions but we would ask that you try to complete your course within one to two years and three years for the longer 3,4,5 plans. Some treatments such as laser are preferably carried out in autumn and winter and occasionally in spring.

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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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