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Terms & Conditions

Our aim is to work with you to achieve an improved and refreshed look we would consider naturally restored. We generally aim for “restoration” rather than “augmentation” but the latter is appropriate in certain circumstances, as long as the principles of normal proportions are observed. We always have your own aim in mind of course but will also make suggestions based on experience and an aesthetic “eye”. If we believe your aim can only be achieved by treatments we do not perform, we will advise accordingly and always act in your best interests. You will always have a consultation first that takes into account your goals, detailed full medical history, aesthetic history and a discussion about your expectations. All consults and treatments are carried out by Dr Bea Brookes.

The practice of aesthetic medicine and surgery is not an “exact science” and therefore no guarantee can be given as to the precise results of any cosmetic treatment undertaken. Every effort is made to ensure you have the best possible outcome, but as with all medical procedures, there can be a spectrum of results from excellent/better than predicted through to good/as predict, down to sub-optimal/complication-free but less effective than predicted. Most treatments aim for improvement. Below is intended to be an indication and not an exhaustive list.

PLEASE DO NO BRING CHILDREN TO THE CLINIC – It is not a suitable environment and there are no facilities to safeguard them.
It is not possible to treat you with an unaccompanied child in the waiting room and under no circumstances will anyone under 18 be allowed into the clinic setting itself.

Clinical variables

Please note that your expectations and the predicted realistic outcome may be different.

All results vary from person to person and depend on several factors, some of which cannot always be predicted. We will use what is considered best practice and up-to-date techniques to help achieve a good outcome, but please note there can be no guarantees with any treatments as to the final outcome.

  1. Sculptra® An agent used to increase volume that can give excellent results and works well in the majority of people. The chemical stimulates collagen formation to achieve natural looking volume. This collagen production may be highly variable between patients and although some general rules may apply; older patients, smokers and those with excessive sun-damage are likely to respond less well, however it can also happen younger patients with seemingly well-nourished skin. At consultation you will be given an estimate of the number of vials of Sculptra® required to complete your course. Only when your course is completed can the final result be judged. As this product is made up in advance of your appointment you will be asked to pay a deposit when booking on for Sculptra.
  2. Minimally Invasive Threadlifts e.g. using PDO Coggs in “The Vogue V Lift” These threads are about creating lift but its important to be realistic about expectations- this is not a surgical procedure and redundant skin is not removed. The technique evolved by Dr Brookes is highly effective but depends on your starting degree of laxity and skin density. Dr Brookes will try to describe to you a realistic result and expectation of what can be achieved on an individual level. There is a cooling off period with this treatment after your initial consultation. Additional treatments such as fillers or toxin may be suggested to complete an aim.
  3. Dermal fillers Although you will be told in advance the predicted volume number of syringes to be used, at the time it may be decided that a further syringe may be needed and this will be discussed at the time of treatment. The duration of fillers given is an average and some people absorb fillers more quickly. Some residual lines may still be apparent. Dermal filling is a balance between correction of the issue and over volumisation which may lead to a disproportionate look.
  4. PLASMA IQ Used to “tighten” resurface skin in the delicate eye area or for scars. This is an ablative procedure where skin is removed through sublimation and therefore tightened. More than one treatment may be needed for the eye area. Only an estimate can be given at consultation. Certain eye shapes do less well – such as oriental or Canthic fold eye. Your particular eye shape will be discussed. Only LAX skin can be tightened, the natural shape of the lid cannot be altered. Certain skin types pigment easily e.g. Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern may not be suitable because of the risk of induced hyperpigmentation. Results  can vary on outcome as we depend on collagen synthesis and this is not always a definable or predictable. People who tan easily may require a pigment control program before treatment this will be advised at consultation.
  5. Botulinum Treatments – Results & Top Ups It is essential all previous and last treatments dates are known about if you have had treatments at other clinics. We like to review routinely after your FIRST treatment at Viridian Medical at 2 – 3 weeks after treatment and top up as required. “Top Ups” on subsequent treatments are offered if your results and reasonable expectations are not met. We can not offer “gratis” top ups after 3 weeks. Please note some lines may remain – e.g. Static lines take time to de-etch and may never fully revert. Very deep vertical lines may never fully respond. Some lines e.g. immediately above the brows may not be amendable to treatment if the risk of brow drop is greater than the benefit of treatment. We always aim to do a bespoke treatment based on your unique features.
  6. Other Treatments For other clinical variables such as EDS, PRP, Cryotherapy and Hyfrecator red vein treatments please read the individual sheets.
  7. Packages Many patients wish to embark on a course of blended treatments that may take place over many months. You will have your package set out in writing formally, with the costs, what is included and a final price. You will be offered a discount according to the list of treatments in the package and will have to pay the package fully in advance to receive the discount. In the very unlikely event of you terminating your treatment you may forfeit the outstanding sum.

Post Care Advice – This will be given verbally in most cases and followed up in writing if required i.e. a treatment is new to you.

Refund Policy

It is not the policy of the clinic to make a refund based on the predicted outcome not being achieved. You will only be put forward for treatment if it is assessed there is a good chance that your predicted outcome can be achieved. You may be offered further treatment at a reduced price but only if it is CLINICALLY safe to do so and if improvement is realistic . We always aim to work with you to try and fulfil the predicted outcome

Consent and Confidentiality

You are required to give written consent to a treatment. You may withdraw that consent at any point or terminate your treatment verbally. We will not discuss your treatment with any third party. We will seek your permission to write to your GP for all less well known treatments e.g. Aqualyx & PDO Thread Lift or if the need arises. We would strongly advise you to allow us to, as it is in your best interest that your GP is aware.


Although rare, some procedures have well documented complications which will be brought to your attention at consultation. You specifically may have higher risk factors which we will highlight at your consultation and noted on your consent form before you proceed with treatment. We will, of course, treat these to the best of our abilities and knowledge as most complications are managed conservatively. Most of the time we will treat you without further cost and not charge for clinic reviews. In the very unlikely event of a complication being more serious and you needing further treatment outside of our expertise, arrangements will be made for you to be treated in the NHS or if you wish, privately at your own cost. Please note it is possible that any private medical insurance you may hold may not cover complications arising from cosmetic work. You may have to come to clinic on a given day to see Dr Brookes if it is urgent.

Limitations of Expertise – Dr Brookes has been qualified for many years with very wide clinical experience and she is happy to give general health advice if the need occurs e.g. on diet, healthy life style, weight loss and some skin conditions. Dr Brookes, however, is not a consultant Dermatologist and there will be skin conditions that are outside her field of knowledge. Where possible she will recommend a specialist in that area.

Charges for Booking and Consultation
A booking fee of £10 is taken by the booking office in advance of your attendance for new patients on their first booking.This is non refundable.

A Consultation charge of £50 is payable on the day, once you have had your consultation with Dr B Brookes. This can be paid by cash or credit/debit card. Most consultations are at least 30 minutes but can be up to 60 minutes. Initial consultations are booked in for one hour but please be aware you may not take the whole hour.

The consultation fee is redeemable against most injectable treatments such as Toxin treatments and dermal fillers. However, it is not refundable against Threads, Plasma IQ, Laser or EDS treatments.

Further consultations to discuss a new treatment plan or if you are returning after a long period of time to discuss new treatments, will incur a charge of £35 for 30 minutes which is redeemable against a treatment as above if you then wish to proceed.

Reviews – All reviews of any procedure are free of charge and so is the initial top up of Toxin if required at review between 2 – 3 weeks after your initial treatment.

Once you have booked certain procedures such as Sculptra, you may be asked to make a deposit. If you then cancel your procedure, you may forfeit this deposit. If the reason is unforeseen, of course, we will help by rescheduling the procedure in the next 6 months. You MAY loose part of the deposit if the product has been pre-prepared or purchased in specifically for you.

Cancellations of appointments for consultation

Appointments are at your request and made in good faith that you will attend . We charge a modest a booking fee for the first appointment of £10.This is not refundable. We fully appreciate on occasions things come up and you cannot attend. We would request as a matter of courtesy that you inform us ASAP if you cannot attend. A call to the booking office on 01483 455052 or an email to beabrookes@viridianmedical.co.uk is sufficient.

If you fail to attend or cancel within 24 hours we may send a bill for the consultation fee of £50 or at least ask you to pay this in advance of a further booking.

If you do not attend with short notice or NO notice, we may decline to offer you a further appointment unless there are mitigating circumstances. Alternatively we may request that you pay for the consultation fee or treatment in advance of your booking.

Obligation to  treatment

Even if you wish to have particular treatment, if Dr Brookes does not believe that treatment will enhance your appearance or it is not in your interest, she will decline to treat you. We may also decline to treat you if we assess the risk to be to great in your individual circumstances.


In the unlikely event of this occurring please feel free to discuss any concerns or issues you may have with Dr Brookes verbally first. Please ask for this policy if required.

Out of Hours Contact & Emergencies

If you have an issue or concern please contact us ASAP firstly by email on:


Please leave a message on 01483 455052 to this will be emailed immediately to Dr Brookes

If Dr Brookes is on leave – please follow this procedure above and arrangements to have review with a covering aesthetic doctor will be made for you. It is possible you may have to travel for 30-45 minutes for a review with the covering doctor.

In the very unlikely event of a real emergency arising from a treatment we advise you to attend A&E but please contact us as soon as possible so Dr Brookes can liaise with the Emergency department


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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