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Tear Troughs and Dark Circles

What is a tear trough ?

Generally the tear troughs becomes more visible in our mid forties. A few lucky people escape the onset. As the fat in the mid-face is lost and tissue density begins to diminish the trough develops. Bone is also reabsorbed and can make the eye look more hollow. We may look as if we have dark circles or hollow eyes.

A tear trough manifests in presents in 2 basic ways:

a) A diagonal “gutter” across the cheek which can be subtle or more severe;
b) A “hollowing out” of the eye rim area.

In some cases eye bags and protrusion of fat from within the eye orbit occurs but this tends to happen as we get older. Filling may be contra-indicated in this case.

Troughs can sometimes be seen in younger people, even in their twenties and can be genetic or due to ill health or dieting. In many cases tear-troughs can be treated very nicely with dermal fillers. However careful assessment of your suitability is very important plus any risk factors you have eg. on aspirin.

Please note tear trough treatment is a specialised technique and not to be undertaken lightly. Too superficial placement of product is a problem and can result in the filler being visible. As we age, the thinning of structures around the eye can make the filler more visible or look uneven. The filler needs to be placed deeply below muscle.

However, there are very key anatomical structures that need consideration.

Safety First in Tear Trough Treatment

Dermal filler entering a vessel could result in permanent blindness.
To minimise this possibility (in theory the risk is eradicated) we use specialised high tech cannulae, not a needle. The technique may be a little harder to perform and some results not as perfect as with a needle but in the interest of safety a balance needs to be achieved.

Bruising Risk in Tear Trough Treatment

It is generally expected to have significant bruising following treatment for tear troughs but in my experience this varies hugely from virtually nothing to more than expected. The use of cannulae has diminished the problem, however, generally plan well in advance of a special occasion eg. 4 weeks.

The procedure takes place in a clinical room and must not be hurried. Bright lighting and magnification is essential. My favoured product is Juverderm 3 unless there is good reason to use Juvederm 4.

Tear trough filling is not only is very satisfying and rejuvenating. On the right person it can last a long time; 18 months to 3 years is not unusual. Usually one syringe is sufficient but on occasions two syringes are required, especially in deep gutters across the cheek. Men and women both do well.

What about Dark Circles?

Dark circles can appear even at a young age (even in childhood) and are not necessarily due to tear trough formation. For unknown reasons pigment from the red blood cells is deposited in the superficial layers, as the skin is very thin around the eye, it looks more obvious.

In Asians dark circles are quite common and may be prominent but is more due to increased melanin pigment deposited.

Dark circle give a tired appearance and are generally undesirable.

Possible treatments to Reduce Dark Circles

First syringe £350
Second syringe for teartrough filling specifically £250

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.

” * After some exhaustive research I chose Dr. Brookes to perform a filler treatment on my tear troughs – Something that I’ve been stuck with for many years thanks to genetics. Dr. Brookes thoroughly explained all the precautions and ensured that I was fully aware of how the it works, the differences between the various fillers available and what I could expect from the treatment.

While I was initially worried about having filler around the eye area, Dr. Brookes’ professionalism and understanding of the face made me feel completely at ease with my decision. Tear troughs are tricky business but I wouldn’t trust anyone but her to do it.”

Miss G Surrey, 20s, 2013

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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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