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Smartxide® Advanced Laser Skin Treatment

Introduction to SmartxideDOT™ DEKA

There are different types of aesthetic lasers for different conditions. Smartxide® Advanced Laser Skin Resurfacing is a LASER treatment to treat the surface of the skin using cutting-edge technology referred to as fractionated CO2 laser.

Laser skin treatment can be used to improve the following:

* I’m very pleased that I came across Dr Brooke’s website. My first impression began with our consult, where I found Bea to be personable, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I really appreciated her honesty, regarding realistic expectations and that she wasn’t trying to do a ‘hard sell’ with other procedures.

My questions were always answered before, during and after and Dr Brookes still keeps contact with me, to see how I’m doing and to check on the ongoing results.

SmartXide laser, has softened and helped to smooth my old acne scarring on my face; it is only three weeks post procedure but the new skin is evolving through the 6 week cycles and there is a difference already, even my husband has noticed!

I highly recommend Dr Brookes to anyone seeking a professional that cares about what she does, carries out the procedure herself and has excellent bedside manner. I will happily return, to use the services provided.

Female 40s, Surrey – September 2014

Before and After Images *

The areas commonly requested for laser skin treatment are:

How does laser skin resurfacing treatment work?

The laser light at a very specific wavelength treats a larger surface area eg 1.5cm² with tiny areas that are bored out (ablated) within the treatment area, thus normal ie your own untreated tissue is left in between. Tiny “perforations” created by the laser light produces an intense and rapid healing response causing skin contraction and laying down of new collagen and elastin in the dermis. The dermis, the living layer of skin, goes into rapid healing and then behaves in a normal, more youthful way that is plumper and more elastic.

* I visited Dr Bea in March for Smartxide and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr Bea was professional, accommodating, honest and incredibly kind. The consultation, treatment and after care was fabulous and always very relaxed with no rush or emphasis on time. I trust Dr Bea and will be visiting her for years to come, highly recommend.

Alexandria Mazan, Guildford

Remove or reduce wrinkles, lines and crepey skin

Fine, medium and even deep lines and wrinkles can be improved resulting in better surface and tighter skin as more elastic skin is laid down. * If the skin is diffusely crepey, laser is difficult to beat. If  loss of facial volume is an issue , this can be restored using dermal fillers and remaining crepines then tackled with this laser.

Reduce and tighten crepey skin around the eye area. Non surgical eye lid surgery (Blephroplasty)

As we age the skin looses elasticity. The top lids looks less crisp and may even rest as a fold on the eyelash line. The skin drags and  feels like putty when pulled. The SmartXide laser is  excellent at improving elasticity of crepey skin in this area, safely. Lower eye skin area also improves and even- bags.  The laser can be used to replace surgery is some cases and be performed after surgery to keep the are looking fresher for longer. Another advantage is, it be repeated on an annual basis if needed. depending on the severity, most people see a good difference after just one treatment but you will be informed if we expect you to need more.

Reduce oily skin and larger pores

Larger pores make the skin look less refined and are generally undesirable. They are quite challenging to treat. Skin crème, and even chemical peels may do little to help. The SmartXide dot laser penetrates deeply and visible improvement is possible of pore size and reduction in oil production.

* I am very pleased with the results of SmartXide Laser treatment on my lower face and eyelids performed by Dr Brookes.

Dr Brookes fully explained the procedure and what she realistically believed the result I could expect after the treatment. Her friendly and open manner completely puts you at ease. The treatment itself was more uncomfortable than painful and was over with very quickly.Throughout the healing process and beyond, Dr Brookes either telephoned or emailed to find out how things were progressing, and encouraged me to contact her if I had any concerns.

I had very realistic expectations when I decided to go ahead with this treatment and the overall result has exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend Dr Brookes highly enough.

Mrs B, Kent

What are the complications of this type of laser skin treatment?

No laser treatment should be undertaken lightly. Your suitability, skin type and any anticipated problems specific to you will be identified at the consultation. In general, lighter pigmented skins tend to be a little easier to treat, with oriental, Asian and black skins on occasion proving more challenging. However, the SmartxideDOT™ has been used on a spectrum of all skin types and has been shown to have a high safety profile. All laser treatments run the risk of depigmentation, hyperpigmentation, breakout of shingles or cold sores, possible infection, prolonged redness or inflammation. It is essential not to sunbathe in the weeks prior to your treatment and to resist direct strong sunlight for six to eight weeks after, whilst ensuring wearing an SPF50 for the first six weeks. Due to the nature of the technology, fractionated lasers have been proved less of a hazard for pigmentation problems, however all the basic principles should always be adhered to.

How long does the treatment take?

This is a relatively quick treatment time due to the advanced technology, 1.5 cm can be treated in a second. For example, treatment around the upper and lower eyelids can take as little as twelve minutes and a full facial treatment in under thirty minutes.

Do I need to stay in hospital to have this treatment?

Some laser skin resurfacing procedures can be very uncomfortable and require a general anaesthetic. However with the SmartxideDOT™, the vast majority of patients can be treated reasonably comfortably with a special topical anaesthetic that is applied for thirty minutes prior to the treatment, some painkillers taken by mouth on a few occasions, a little oral sedation can also be administered if you require. You do not need to stay in hospital and can travel home immediately thereafter.

How will I look after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment you will look a bright salmon pink. The treatment area will feel extremely warm. Ice packs will be applied until you get home and we would advise that you have ice packs in your freezer at home ready for your return.

Swelling and redness all vary from individual to individual, however certain areas such as around the eyes swell quite significantly. Most eye treatments you would expect to be swollen for three to five days. Thereafter you should expect some redness for a further five to ten days depending on the intensity of the treatment. This can be disguised with makeup. You will be required to apply an antibiotic cream and a special oily ointment for two to three days. Most essentially an SPF50 during the day for the next six to eight weeks.

* I had never heard of Smartxide laser until you mentioned that it might be something that could help with my creepy eyelid skin which had really bothered me for some time. I must admit i was a little apprehensive as to what to expect . However once you had explained in depth what would happen I was totally at ease and couldn’t wait for you to get started ! And I can honestly say that during the procedure ( you had applied a little anesectic gel ) I couldn’t feel any discomfort at all just a slight prickly heat sensation . The area treated was warm for an hour or so immediately after and I had some swelling and pinkness over the next couple of days but that just subsided and now its day 6 and all is looking fantastic and I can see real results ! Wow can’t thank you enough ….

Female Late 40’s upper lids to correct laxity
June 2015

How many treatments will I need?

The beauty of the SmartxideDOT™ fractionated CO2 system is its great versatility. Many patients will not be keen to have a one-off treatment with more downtime, however the preference is yours. If you wish to have less downtime, we suggest you have a “softer” treatment on each occasion with successive treatments anywhere from eight to eighteen weeks apart depending on your diary.

What is the goal of laser skin resurfacing?

The goal of the treatment is to improve the surface of the skin from its pre-existing state. Please note, the more sun damaged, aged and thin your skin is, albeit due to lifestyle, sun exposure, premature ageing, poor diet, etc. the more challenging the treatment will be and the more realistic your expectations must be. Acne scarring can only be improved and not eradicated. You will be guided through your treatment option plans on the day of consultation and given a plan as to whether you will need one, two or three treatments and a price accordingly.

How much will each laser skin resurfacing treatment cost?

The cost of the treatment will depend on which area you are having treated, the intensity of the treatment and how many treatments overall you will need. For example, treatment directly around the eyes for a one-off moderate treatment will be £550 ( 2013 prices) and a subsequent second treatment approximately £400. A moderate full facial treatment will be between £1000 – £1250 and a second similar treatment approximately £900 – £1000.

See our Price List for more information on costs »

Could I have other treatments?

SmartxideDOT™ can complement any other treatments you may be undergoing. However, we will advise you on the time interval between injectable treatments and laser resurfacing.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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