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Skin Pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation overview

Uneven skin tones can develop from our 20s and can be significant in our 40s -50s requiring camouflage. Depending on its cause, it can be very easy to rectify or can be significantly challenging as the pigment can lie very deep. In some cases it can be impossible to fully reverse. The problem arises in all racial skin types but is generally more difficult to treat the darker natural skin tones. Regimes usually take place over a long period of time and anything which promises a quick fix is unlikely to work. Please be cautious if you have laser or dermabrasion without having the skin prepared first, as with some types of pigmentation these treatments can exacerbate the problem, especially with Asian skin.
A full consultation is advised and a careful regime, that is planned over time, is required. SPF 50 is mandatory use as prevention is an important part of the treatment process.

There are 2 broad categories of why we can develop uneven skin pigment.


“The mask of pregnancy” occurs in later pregnancy on the forehead, cheeks and looks a grey/brown colour. It is hormonally mediated and tends to remain after pregnancy. It may fade over a long time but usually will not fully regress.
It can be more difficult to eradicate but a regime of chemical skin prep (eg OBAGI ), chemical peels (glycolic or TCA) with nightly regimes over a long period can gradually improve this condition.

Sun Damage

This can be in the form of a few isolated brown spots or be far more extensive in larger patches covering the face.

The effect is worse in the summer and darker skin in particular are more prone. In mild forms with light skin types, cryotherpay may be enough. In more extensive forms, chemical skin preparation or peels or laser can be indicated in a STAGED approach. With more serve forms you should anticipate 6 – 12 months of treatment.


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