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Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

About Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

Once in a while something exciting comes along in aesthetics and I believe this is dis-solvable threads.Please see The Vogue V Lift and PDO threads.
In particular, it helps improve the contour of the lower face using a non-surgical minimally invasive technique *. This area remains the most challenging to correct non-surgically and I have generally not be hugely impressed with the RF treatments on the market, as they are often too variable .
Sagging and loss of definition of the jaw line is an aesthetic issue for women and men, with jowling being a tell tale sign of ageing and has remained resistant to being effectively treated. The mid-face can also be improved too, depending on individual face shapes *.

* I had my Silhouette Soft procedure 7 weeks ago and am delighted with the result. There was very little discomfort during the treatment , minimal bruising and no swelling. There is a definite improvement in contour of my lower face and also more volume in my cheeks but no hint of ‘pillow face’. Dr Brooke’s artistry is based on subtlety so a very improved natural look is achieved. Thank you!

Mrs B 51 from Hampshire

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Sometimes people are too young to consider surgery or simply do not want surgery. Facial volume may be needed but excessive volume is not desirable and lift is preferable. Whilst permanent threads have been in existence for two decades (Aptos and latterly the Silhouette Lift),with Silhouette SOFT the thread is fully absorbable and requires no incisions or stitches, so is unique. However, it does require skill and expertise and an ability with high level experience to select the right patients for the treatment. A global understanding of all procedures is therefore needed.

* I wanted to ensure my face showed no signs of sagging. I already had some other treatments when Dr Brookes recommended Silhouette Soft.

I had the procedure just under a month ago and I am delighted with the results. My whole lower face feels and looks tighter while looking well shaped. It was painless and I would be more than happy to recommend this procedure.

Mrs R, Surrey

The threads are made from poly-lactic acid . The thread and the little cones on the thread all dissolve over 1- 2 years. The cones are bi-directional (at the half way point, they point in opposite directions along the thread) therefore do not need and anchor-point as with older types of thread technology. The poly- lactic acid also stimulates collagen synthesis and this effect can last for 2 years. A typical treatment involves placement of 2 threads on each side or occasionally a third too. Various entry points are considering depending on the individual face shape and need.

A full consultation and assessment is needed.

£50 is non refundable against the procedure. I recommend a cool off of one week to read all the information given properly.

* I was looking to give my face some volume as well as some lift and tightening, having lost those as a result of loss weight loss. After her assessment Dr Bea Brookes suggested I try Silhouette Soft. I was nervous at first as it’s quite a new procedure but it turned out to be good advice so in February 2014 I went ahead with the procedure.

Firstly an anaesthetic was injected, then the threads went in. It was painless, all I could feel was some tugging of the skin but it was tolerable. Immediately after my face was really lifted. WOW – AMAZING!

It did take 2 weeks to full settle (although I was able to work and be seen in public) but I’m thrilled with the results. Everyone says I look fresh, but they don’t know why!

There are no incisions or tell-tale signs of having had anything done. My cheeks look a little fuller and my jawline and lower face area if firmer and more defined. I LOVE IT !

Female London, 2014

Who is suitable for Thread Lift treatment?

From the early 40s both male and females can be considered. Generally patients over 70 or those with a thinner skin with excessive laxity will do less well.

What areas can be treated with Silhouette Soft Thread Lift?

  • The jaw-line
  • The jowls
  • The chin (underside)
  • The brow

What can I expect from Silhouette Soft ?

Gravity is a major factor to overcome and as we are not removing skin- then this cannot give a surgical result. So modest improvement- certainly visible but modest must be expected. Before and after can be a guide on what can be achieved but results vary from individual to individual.

What is involved in a Thread Face Lift?

The procedure takes place in a suitable, well lit clinical room and not in theatre. We use sterile drapes to protect against infection but there are no incisions or stitches. I prefer magnification.

You will be photographed, the skin thoroughly cleaned with surgical antiseptic and markings placed on the face before we start.

A surgical hat is worn. Local aesthetic is injected to the entry & exit point only – not to the whole tract. This does sting. You will be placed in near horizontal position.

The thread is introduced through a needle puncture (no incisions) and threaded at a depth of 5mm in the fatty tissue, then exists 5cm (or 10cm) to its exit point. There are 2 exit points and one entry point per thread. One inserted the threads are pulled taut & this can be uncomfortable.

The procedure itself takes about 40 minutes for 4 thread placements but you should set aside half a day and 2 hours at the clinic.

Usually 2 threads per side are sufficient in many cases but other can be introduced in that session or on a return session. This will be discussed on an individual basis.

The effect last typically for 1 year but the collagen stimulation will as longer – e.g. 2 years.

Who is NOT generally suitable for Silhouette Soft?

  • Thick sebaceous / oily skins do less well than lighter less oily skins.
  • Implants to the face or permanent fillers
  • Excessive sagging and crêpe skin or if surgery is the only option
  • Very “thin” skin
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Shingles or other facial infections
  • On prescription blood thinners or aspirin long term
  • Autoimmune disease – e.g. scleroderma
  • On steroids
  • Needle phobia

What to expect after Thread Face Lift

  • Some puckering along the length of the thread – this settles quite quickly but may take up to 2 weeks to lay flat
  • Indentation at the entrance and exit points
  • Application of Fucidic acid antibiotic creme is needed
  • Some bruising
  • No make-up for 48 hours and no picking
  • Sleep flat on your back for 5 nights
  • No facials and no massage for one month
  • No opening the mouth wide
  • Review at 2 weeks. There is no charge for reviewing

Other adjunct treatments

Other treatment such as filling and laser can be used to complement the SS but a program but should be discussed in advance.

What can go wrong with a Silhouette Soft Thread Lift?

Complications are unlikely but you must be prepared for the worst case scenario:

  • As with fillers infection excessive bruising
  • Unhappy with results or expectations not realised
  • Unevenness
  • Broken thread

What does Silhouette Soft Cost?

Thread of 8 cones £ 300
Mini Face Lift £1200
(per average treatment)
16 cone thread £300 per thread

Dr Brookes will be able to confirm the price at your initial consultation.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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