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Sculptra ™

Sculptra ™ – The Liquid Face lift

Sculptra is a remarkable technology probably used by many Hollywood stars who deny having surgery but look to have defied age and remain still naturally good looking without a “done” plastic appearance.

Sculptra requires planning over eighteen to twenty-four weeks as three treatment sessions are needed. A minimum interval of six weeks is required between each Sculptra session. Final results are at ten months. Younger patients starting in their forties report changes at three to four months, often after the first treatment.

The face is studied and discussed. The treatment consists of the product being injected deep into the fatty tissue of the face (the décolleté or other areas such as hands can also be treated). It is uncomfortable rather than painful. A Sculptra session lasts about one hour and takes place at one of our facilities in Surrey or Berkshire.

There is some down time of two days, as there may be some swelling and bruising

The poly-lactic biospheres stimulate collagen to form, so the restored new volume is your own body responding and making collagen

The resulting tissue is natural with normal contours, restored mid- face volume, a firmer jaw line, better cheek bones and apple cheeks, reduction in sagging and firmer contours.

It is recommended that you start in your forties or fifties as the maximum impact starts here. Although any age group benefits, in older patients it is less likely that full impact can be achieved or sustained.

Sculptra ™ – Before and after *




These pictures are courtesy of Sanofi-Aventis (the pharmaceutical company) and not the individual work of Dr Brookes. They are a guideline only as to what can be achieved with Sculptra, as no two results are the same *. Individual work of Dr Brookes with this product can be shown at private consultation.

Some pictures are available for viewing during a private consultation only as many people are understandably keen to maintain their privacy with regard to the internet but have given consent to having before and after pictures viewed during consultation only.

Sculptra ™ – FAQ

Sculptra – a safe semi-permanent facial filler that stimulates your own collagen production.

What is it used for?

Sculptra is a filler which allows significant but subtle and natural looking volume restoration of the mid and lower face. As we age the mid face in particular loses roundness and we develop cheek hollows, sagging, nasolabial lines and marionette lines. All these can be successfully treated with Sculptra.

How does it work?

Unlike other dermal fillers Sculptra stimulates your own collagen production over several months to restore volume. This new volume is thus your own body at work making new collagen. It feels plump and smooth and appears very natural with no edges.

What is the final result like and how long does it last?

The final result takes six to ten months to achieve. You would expect this as collagen synthesis takes time to develop. That said, women and men in their thirties and forties who have tried this treatment report visible results within a much shorter space of time, some even after the first treatment. Most patients – those in their fifties – would need to have the second treatment before visible results occur. It lasts up to two years and smaller top-ups can maintain the effect thereafter.

How is it administered?

Sculptra needs a course of three treatments for maximum effect. A powder that is reconstituted with sterile water is injected in tiny quantities into the fatty tissue layer of the face. Each procedure lasts about one hour. Subsequent treatments must be a minimum of six weeks apart but leaving it a little longer is permissible.

Does it work?

I would endorse this product and have seen the effects first hand. It is highly rated amongst experienced aestheticians and in the right hands, with the right training, is an effective non-surgical technique that can be performed in a clinic outpatient setting.

What are the side effects?

In the right hands, with the right training, this is a safe and effective procedure. Over time the technique has evolved to optimise the effects and reduce problems. The worst problems are potential infection or allergic reaction. The latter is usually an effect of the product being injected too superficially, causing a lump of product or collagen to form, but vigorous massage usually avoids this.

What is the cost and is it cost effective?

It is not cheap but for a transforming product requiring skill you would not expect it to be. This is not a “beauty therapy” procedure.

Most patients require three to five vials of solution spread over three courses. Compared to having conventional line fillers every six months it is very cost effective and your requirement for the product may diminish after the first course of treatment. Please see our price list.

Where are Viridian Medical's facilities?

We have facilities in Guildford and Windsor. From here we are conveniently located to serve patients from London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and throughout the south east. For more information please see our Facilities page.

Sculptra Testimonials

* I approached Dr. Brookes for advice on treatment of deep lines around my nose and mouth. I had no set ideas of what was needed. Dr. Brookes gave me several options, explaining clearly the cost, duration of the procedure and realistic likely outcomes (including level of discomfort). I was offered time to make a decision.

A thorough assessment was made of my state of health before we started on what she advised would be the most effective. The actual treatment (Sculptra) was done in a most professional and sensitive manner and I felt that if I had had a problem afterwards I could have contacted her at any time. As far as the results go I am pleased that I did it. I am told how well and happy I look but it is my secret why I don’t look grim any more.

Mrs. N. Surrey

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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