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Thread Lift in Surrey

Dr Bea Brookes at Viridian Medical is an experienced and highly qualified doctor providing Thread Lift treatments in Surrey. Our practice in East Horsley is in a quiet and discreet setting, close to Woking, Leatherhead and Guildford in Surrey.

You can learn more about Dr Bea Brookes’ credentials and read what clients say about their experience on our testimonials page.

The Vogue V Lift – The Ultimate Non-surgical Facelift

The No Stitch Lift with PDO Thread Lift

Sometimes something quite unique and revolutionary comes along and changes our practice and what we can offer our patients across Surrey.

A thread lift uses PDO threads that provide a safe and efficient method of lifting the face, neck and some areas of the body in one session under local anaesthetic. PDO is an acronym for the chemical composition of the thread – it has been used in surgical stitch material for 20 years, so has a proven track record of safety. PDO threads are dissolved by the body over several months.

Using the same composition, PDO has been developed for the aesthetic field and mounted on special needles for quick easy insertion.

Broadly speaking PDO thread lifts fall into 2 categories for different applications

  1. a) the monofilament (MF) fine thread to create a scaffold
  2. b) the cogged thread (barbed thread) for lifting

The monofilaments create a “scaffold” under lines and crepey skin too e.g. full face, back of hands, cheeks or crow’s feet. Dr Bea Brookes FRCS will advise whether PDO or Silhouette Soft thread lifts are the best option for you. “Having performed Silhouette Soft since 2012 for over 2 years and PDO since 2014, my personal and professional opinion now is that the PDO cogs provide better lift in virtually every case.”   

The PDO threads allow tightening and lift without adding in volume to the lower and side of the face.

* I had both upper and lower eyelids worked on and I am over the moon with the results. I intend to have a further session later on to further tighten the area.

Mr M – Surrey 2017

What can be lifted with PDO Threads at our Surrey Clinic?

Although one cannot compare the degree of lift achieved by surgery, with the correct selection of patients a very respectable alternative to surgery can be achieved in under an hour, using our special long 3D Cog PDO threads for results with. I use a special technique which gives good consistent results, but of course results do vary:

  • Brow Lift – mainly the outer part of the brow
  • Mid-face Lift – a “mini SMAS” lift to lift the cheek area
  • Lower face jowls and skin laxity of the lower face  – excellent for restoring the jawline

What can the fine PDO threads do?

Create a criss-cross lattice “scaffold” below the dermis to stimulate collagen:

  • Neck and under chin
  • Lower face and cheeks
  • Laxity to the side of the mouth area / lower cheek
  • Back of Hands
  • Crepey skin of cheeks
  • Crows feet
  • Loose body skin – eg bingo wings, abdomen or inner thighs

PDO Thread Lift Surrey – Before and After Pictures

Before and After photo of Thread Lift at Viridian Medical in Surrey

Female late 40s 3 COGS per side to lower face and pictures at 2 weeks after procedure. Much firmer and better line. *

A Photo of Thread Lift Before and After at Viridian Medical near Guildford

Cogged PDO threads to lower face plus monofilaments under the chin in one sitting. Picture 4 weeks after procedure. *

Photo at Viridian Medical near Leatherhead of Thread Lift Before and After

PDOs to lower face in a slim face woman in early 40’s. Cogged PDOs inserted. *

Thread Lift photo of Before and After at Viridian Medical near Woking

Female 40. 3 Cogged threads to the lower face each side. *

A Photo of Before and After of Thread Lift at Viridian Medical near East Horsley

PDOs to lower face in a slim face. Woman in early 40’s. Cogged PDOs inserted*

Thread Lift photo of Before and After in Surrey at Viridian Medical

This woman had 4 Cogged threads per side of the lower face to lift the jawline and improve the jowling. Second picture at 2 weeks post treatment 2016.*

Photo at Viridian Medical of Thread Lift Before and After near Guildford

Early 40s had 3 Cogs per side to lift signs of very early jowling. Minimal down time.*

Near Leatherhead at Viridian Medical a photo of Before and After Thread Lift

Mrs K , Wiltshire -Female late 50s with laxity along the jawline. 4 Cogs per side. Picture at 2 months post- patient unusually had bruising that too 2 weeks to settle. Excellent result with good lift and firmness*

Who can be treated with a Thread Lift in Surrey?

Patient selection and individual expectation is important. I have treated a wide range of face shapes at my Surrey clinic – from slim, to larger rounder and heavier jowled.

I have treated people I would not have considered candidates for Silhouette Soft. The overall impression is all groups benefit. People with less than 2cm of skin laxity – pinch the skin in from in front the ear area – perhaps do best, however I have treated a patient with 4 cm of laxity who simply wished to find an alternative to surgery.

What is a PDO thread lift and how is the procedure done?


This material is fully bio-compatible and has been used in surgical suture (stitching) material all over the world for many years. It’s dissolved by the body over time (6 – 12 months) but stimulates intense healing on the way. The PDO threads we use in aesthetics to create lift and tightening are specially “barbed” (this is only a special cut into the linear thread not a real barb) so they gently but firmly tether under the skin and grip it, to pull and to lift.

Cogged PDO Threads

Cogged threads are more involved procedure must be done in clean conditions as with a minor surgical procedure and the same conditions respected.

There are no incisions or stitches and the cogged threads are inserted through a “puncture” to the skin with a special needle, leaving a puncture the size of a pinhead.

Local anaesthetic is injected first.

The thread is then inserted through this puncture with a special cannula and it grips under the skin into deeper tissue. In fact, the layer entered with the threads is the same layer in the “SMAS face lift” in surgery. The thread itself is reasonably fine but the barbs grip the tissue. Please note, for the face, 4 or more threads can be inserted through one entry site.

The actual procedure for say a lower or upper face is 20 minutes from start to finish.

Fine PDO Threads

These monofilaments are non-cogged and are just threaded in after some anaesthetic cream is applied to the relevant areas. Several threads are usually needed.

If you have some types of medical skin condition or are on medical blood thinners you will not be suitable for this treatment.

How does it look after a Thread Lift and how long do the results last for?

With cogged threads you must expect bruising and swelling for between 7-10 days and some ruckling near the ear are at the insertion point. This depends on your degree of skin laxity. The less laxity in general the less down time. It’s not possible to disguise the ruckle easily. It all settles in time – occasionally I have to perform a special easing around the thread on review at 10-14 days.

People with slimmer faces, with less laxity, usually have minimal downtime, perhaps of a day or two.

Thread Lifting can last for 12 – 24 months depending on many factors. The result can take 3 – 6 months to achieve in full but will be evident from the start.

With fine threads the maximum effect will take 3-6 months as the scaffold of new tissue grows.

Many patient report instant improvement*.

Who is not suitable for Thread Lifts in our Surrey clinic?

Thread Lifts may not be suitable for you if you are:

  • Very needle phobic
  • On blood thinning agents
  • Unrealistic expectations of a non-surgical procedure
  • Generally under 35
  • Severe acne scarring
  • Acne live or local infection
  • Skin disease such as a connective tissue disease
  • Bell’s Palsy or facial shingles


I’ve had a surgery to my face can I have PDO cogs?

Often yes but on case by case basis. I have found post surgical patients tend to do well.

What are the risks involved?

Since 2014 whilst we have had no major issues at all, all procedures carry a risk. Risk include (this is not an exhaustive list) infection, theoretical risk to nerves, bruising excessively, granulomas in the region of the thread, abnormal adverse reaction, thread breakage.


Sleeping on your back for 5 days after cogged threads is essential. Avoid high impact exercise for 2 week. Low impact is fine but discuss if unsure. Avoid heavy extra facial expression. No facial massage for 4-6 weeks.

Combination Therapies

The full spectrum of other therapies can be used too e.g. dermal fillers, laser, PRP. If you elect to have further PDO threads inserted then that is of course possible, as is surgery, in the future.

PDO Thread Treatment Cost

Check our current prices for thread face lift on our price page.

If you have any questions about PDO Thread Lift Treatments, please contact us. Viridian Medical is based in the village of East Horsley, a short drive from Guildford, Leatherhead and Woking.


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