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Nonsurgical face lift using JUVEDERM or SCULPTRA with our special cannulae

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After attending COSMETIC EXPO  2013 in OLYMPIA & BCAM OXFORD  2103 the following methods are quickly  established as the way forward in creating a non-surgical face lift by restoring lost  volume

Gently re-volumize the face over time , by introducing soft volume in the mid-face and lower face- without bloating , without puffiness in a safe method.

Using either Sculptra or dermal  fillers such as Juvederm, small amount  of product can be deposited in the fatty layer of the face, above the muscles but deep to the skin to create soft natural volume that respects the natural contours of the face.

Using the highly engineered and wonderful TSK cannulae that glide in the tissue plane allowing even deposition of product. Allows precision and are well tolerated.
If signifcant  Volume loss and thin skin the I would suggest Sculptra built up one vial at a time, volumizing over many weeks.

If this skin is a little thicker or if can instant  volume is needed the Juvederm 3 or 4 filler does that nicely.

What’s more bruising is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced-( in some people none)  feedback from patients is  of high satisfaction all round.

Dr Bea Brookes



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