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A splendid two days of learning at Heythrop Park Oxford with a packed agenda. Existing treatment now evolving and being re-invented to new levels and improved techniques. On top of that a truly inspirational technique I will be adopting in my practice in 2013.

Silhouette Soft Face Thread Lift – the next generation of in clinic lifts for the mid-face and jawline. These re-absorbable, polylactic acid threads with cones are technically easier than their predecessors, they lift gently but fully reabsorb over time – about 2 years. Performed under local anaesthetic in under an hour with no incisions can create a subtle but effective lift. Looks like they well be affordable too with a 4 thread procedure being about £1,200.

Sculptra – an existing popular treatment for full face volume. We looked at how the new cannula techniques have reduced the down-time bruising as well as the improvement of other aspects to reduce the complications that may have occurred in past applications.

The Dracula PRP – increasing evidence of the efficacy of this existing treatment will establish this as a firm favourite at Viridian Medical.

Medical Emergencies – lecture given by me to ensure knowledge is freshly maintained and up-to-date for all!

Dr Bea Brookes FRCS

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