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New non-surgical spot fat reduction with Aqualyx

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Using a type of bile-salts, that breaks down fat cells and emulsifies the fat within , the product which has been extensively  used in Italy and  Germany has arrived in the UK. Using a specialized injection technique application is by

non-surgical spot fat reduction

For application and use by DOCTORS only, this product will help reduce local fatty deposits which occur in slim people too.

Reduce a double chin, jowls, saddlebags, fatty inner knees, small areas on the abdomen, bingo wings, back fat.

Most areas of about 2 fist full of fat can be dispersed over time, using your bodies elimination system to  take up and dispose of the emulsified fat.

2- 4 treatment sessions needed- and with stubborn fibrous fat  more may be required.

Session cost is FROM £275- £400 depending on size of treatment area.

Ask for a full fact sheet. PROPER assessment prior to treatment is required.

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