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Red Vein treatment or Rosacea treatment

Red Vein Treatment on the Face

Red veins on the face can be isolated thread vein looking and can either be treated by thermocautery or by laser. The vessel is tracked along its length. This treatment is suitable for spider naevi, telangiectasia and veins from over-exposure to the elements. The face, nose and décolleté can be successfully treated *. Sometimes several treatments are required at approximately 2-6 weeks apart.

Red Vein Treatment on Legs

Similar to the above, red veins on legs can be successfully treated with fine laser beam tracking of the veins until they blanch *. These areas can respond well, however can recur due to the increased pressure of the vein system in the legs. Repeated treatments on an annual basis may be recommended for new sites as they occur. Bruising can occur and fading takes place over weeks or months. Sometimes patches of pigment remain.

Please note blue veins do not respond well and may need sclerotherapy first.

Red blush and “high colour”

When examined, the cheeks, forehead or chin can have a very high colour over quite a large area. We use an IPL (intense pulse light) type system. For medical treatments such as rosacea, a cautious approach has to be adopted as the skin is very reactive. 3-6 may be required. Once again, there may be an annual maintenance requirement as vessels recur. A detailed medical history is required before treatment and wearing of an SPF factor 20 and above is essential for all facial treatments for several weeks. ***

Yellow Light Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

A nice treatment to pep the skin up for a special occasion brightens the skin and seals some smaller vessels. Several sessions are usually required and this is a favourite before a special event.

No laser treatment should be undertaken lightly and although we work to protocols, there are individual responses and certain people have increased individual risks. Please also read the before and after care, and consent forms. Laser treatments are about improvement and you may require several sessions depending on the problem and the extent / severity.

Patch testing prior to full treatment is mandatory.

Laser Red Vein Treatment Price List

Red Vein Treatment to Face (and also pigmentation)Consultation £50
Patch Test £50
Isolated lesion/ Nevus £100
Medium area cheeks £150 per session
Larger area (egg décolleté/ full face) from £200
Additional Areas from £100
Red Veins on Legs
Isolated areas up to 3 £150
More extensive £200
Yellow Light rejuvenation
Full face £85
Package of 4 £306

Packages must be pre-paid in full to attract the discount price.

Areas of service for red vein treatment

We take patients for Laser Hair Removal from the following areas: Bookham, Guildford, Leatherhead, Epsom, Cobham, Oxshott, Esher, Ashtead, Dorking and patients travel to see us from across Surrey, Hampshire and East Sussex.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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