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Acne and Acne Scar Treatment

Acne treatment

Acne is a complex problem which causes distress in the sufferer. It’s treatment can be approached in several way often in combination. Acne reduction and acne removal is desirable as it prevents acne scar formation, a source of further distress.

  • Chemical Peeling – glycolic peel course
  • Obagi Nuderm – prescription only
  • Oral Prescription Medication – retinols
  • Home devices with blue light

Acne Scarring treatment

Acne scarring can be reduced but rarely removed. Methods which stimulate healing by breaking scar tissue can be used:-


Laser is often better tolerated. Chemical peeling although promoted as treating acne scarring do not.

Another approach is to use light dermal filling, such as Juvederm Ultra which softens the scar and fills the dent in the skin surface more gently and safely that repeated laser treatments.

Pick-axe scarring is a more challenging problem and requires more intervention which can be performed in clinic. Darker skins may develop hyper-pigmentation in the scar and black skin may be prone to forming keloid scars. Both can be treated but pose challenges.

What is acne?

Acne usually starts in adolescent ages and about 80% of the young population is affected. The sebaceous gland increase their production of oil and the content of the pores become blocked and then infected with bacteria. Good skin hygiene is essential but avoiding harsh chemicals which dry the skin is very important. Harsh products sensitise the skin and increase irritation. For some, this simple step can control acne and eradicate it. We recommend Clear Control by Arbonne (www.viridianmedical.myarbonne.co.uk).

If pustules are larger and harder to control then a variety of other treatment discussed above can be tried.


Laser Acne Treatment in Surrey

A course of laser light treatment could help in the treatment of pustular spots by reducing bacteria in the pustules and aid healing. If you are on oral / topical retinoids or antibiotics from your GP you may not be not suited for immediate treatment.

No laser treatment should be undertaken lightly and although we work to protocols; there are individual responses and certain people have increased individual risks. Please also read the before and after care, and consent forms.

Laser treatments are about improvement and you may require several sessions depending on the problem and the extent/severity.

Patch testing prior to full treatment is mandatory.

Laser Acne Treatment Price List

Blue Light Laser Treatment for Acne Vulgaris
Isolated form £65
More extensive £90


We always recommend Arbonne – Pure, Safe, Beneficial – products free of parables or mineral oil that are vegan approved for after treatments. Please ask for purchase in house or online at www.viridianmedical.myarbonne.co.uk

Packages must be pre-paid in full to attract the discount price.


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