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Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures – Frequently Asked Questions

Will my wrinkles fully disappear with Wrinkle Treatment?

It is important to remain realistic. Some skins can start forming in etched lines from your twenties, others don’t. If you have no wrinkle in an area when the muscle is relaxed, the application of wrinkle treatment will prevent the wrinkle from being established as it stops the underlying muscle working. The area treated will crease less when you make an expression. Once the wrinkle is firmly etched into the skin the wrinkle treatment will soften it considerably but cannot eliminate it. Remaining lines can often be filled in with Restylane.Some people have very expressive “hyperkinetic” faces resulting in a very furrowed brow from an early age. Many have a fabulous response, that works very rapidly but it may wear off more quickly.

Will I have a surprised look or no expression?

Wrinkle treatment is an active ingredient and some eyebrow lift occurs when the horizontal forehead lines are dealt with. With new patients one tries a conservative approach with a smaller dose to establish what works best for an individual. It is not Viridian Medical’s policy to eliminate expressions or aim for a mask like face which could be considered unattractive. We have refined our injection technique to avoid pointed “spock brows” or having over elevated brows *.

What side effects could I have with Wrinkle Treatment?

You cannot contract Botulism through wrinkle treatment USED CORRECTLY. About 3,000 units of active Botulinum toxin are needed to develop this disease. Cosmetically twenty to seventy-five units are used at any one time.

Because of variability in facial musculature, some patients can form an eyebrow droop or lid droop, but this is more likely due to the technical ability of the practitioner. Viridian Medical have a refined technique to avoid this occurring. Although rare this is obviously distressing to the patient and medical practitioner. It will reverse spontaneously over weeks but can take up to three months to fully recover. Bruising can occur and it is important to avoid aspirin or blood thinning products or exposure to alcohol or hot environments *.

Who can’t have Wrinkle Treatment?

Although there is no evidence to the contrary, Viridian Medical will not perform wrinkle treatment procedures on pregnant or breast feeding women. It’s probably unnecessary to have it below the age of twenty-six. Patients with neurological problems such as MS, motor neurone disease, immuno-suppression or those on Wafarin would be unsuitable because of the uncertainty of the risk *.

Will the effects with Wrinkle Treatment or fillers be instant?

Wrinkle treatment takes four to fourteen days to be fully effective. Some patients need a two week top up. Most fillers are instantaneous, those especially to the nose to mouth lines have a great immediate effect. You can wear make up and go out usually that evening, but if it’s a very special occasion Viridian Medical would recommend planning your filler procedures for a few days before *.

Can non surgical cosmetic procedures be done on men?

Yes, absolutely!! Wrinkle treatment doses in men need to be doubled but all the procedures are available *.

How often will I need Wrinkle Treatment?

In the first year a maximum of four times, its recommended you have it at three to four month intervals to maintain the effect. After that often fewer sessions are needed per year. It is important not to have it too often as you can become immune to the effects and it will not be effective *.

Will I have trout pout lips with Restylane Lipp enhancement?

NO. Restylane hyaluronic products are semi-permanent fillers. Those unfortunate individuals probably had permanent implants inserted which caused an allergic reaction and gross swelling. Restylane has been extensively tried & tested and its complication rate is very low. There will be some swelling for two to five days, three being the average.* see full text *.

Would you have Wrinkle Treatment & fillers yourself?

And as the senior practitioner of Viridian Medical I have had wrinkle treatment and several of the filler procedures and can speak from first hand experience as to the effects and benefits. It is because of first hand experience I have faith in the products and non-surgical cosmetics in the right hands *.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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