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Facial Sculpting and Contouring

Facial Sculpting

Facial Contouring, Face Sculpting and Restoring Volume

What happens when we age

As we age the middle of the face loses volume first. the we loose skin elasticity. Collagen and fat is lost and as we get older even the skeleton changes and the muscles thin.

This process of volume loss, starts in our late thirties, before we noticeably lose skin elasticity.

The result of this is flattening of the mid-face, retraction of the area around the mouth (if you look at someone in their twenties the lower face is very convex, filled with fat and elastic tissue). The jawline looks looser and perhaps more jowly.

We develop tear-troughs running from the corners of the eyes across the upper portion of the cheek.

As we get older the face may become drawn, gaunt and tired looking. This process may be exacerbated by weight loss, poor diet, sun-damage or illness.

However, in some people this process is not a result of ageing but normal facial structure; the face may look flat with little or no cheekbone definition, eye-bags may be more prominent as a result.

We are able to create a non-surgical face lift with expertise, knowledge of anatomy and knowledge of specialised techniques.

How can volume be restored  or added in the mid-face?

A full assessment and medical history is needed. The features, the skin tone and the extent need to be considered.

Please note we respect the boundaries of accepted natural beauty when considering any treatment.

If there is significant loss of volume all over the face and skin thinning, we can restore volume with:

  • Dermal filler for full facial volumisation – using the latest cannula technique 
  • Scupltra
  • Radiesse – localised or using a cannula to lift the face.

We can also lift non-surgically with Silhouette Soft.

Facial Dermal fillers for Sculpting

Using more dense, longer semi-permanent lasting fillers give instant volume over the cheekbones, mid-face and lower face.

  • Create cheekbones *
  • Reduce an receding chin *
  • Restore volume *
  • Create a stronger jaw line *

More instant results can be created using the newer generation of fillers *. Juvederm Ultra Voluma (from the USA), Teosyal Ultra Deep (Swiss) are both NASHA fillers.

Either a high cheek bone look that is more sculpted can be created or a softer, less prominent mid-face lift can be created *.

Cheekbone sculpting is effective in a younger person below fifty years. For some people, a heavy jaw line can be balanced out with these techniques *.

Teosyal Ultra Deep is very effective, holds its position well and looks natural *. However, if the skin is thin, I would not recommend this.

Alternatively a more subtle diffuse mid face volume can be added back using Juvederm 4. It can be used in all age groups.

This can be performed in the clinic as a “one stage procedure” or volume can be built up over time. Either way the effect of these NASHA fillers is instant and lasts nine to twelve months *.

There can be a little swelling, tenderness and maybe a little redness. There may be some bruising.

A receding chin?

Some men and women may find the profile of the chin can be improved by bringing the chin forward *. This can be achieved using Restylane SubQ or Juvederm Voluma. Both these fillers give instant effects which can last for one year or more. About 2 mls is needed and the product is placed deeply under the chin muscle (though some people need much more – around 6 ml).

A stronger more defined jaw line?

A jaw line losing its definition with a loss of volume and elasticity can be improved with semi-permanent fillers. Some younger people may want a “wider, stronger” jaw line. Careful consideration is needed first, as squaring of the face in women may not be desirable but if the mandible is small it may make a visual change for the better.

In addition the jawline and jowls can be improved non-surgically with Silhouette Soft Thread Lift. Please see this page to ascertain your suitability

How will it feel?

Expect a little bruising, it may feel a little tender and warm for a day or two.

The contours of a cheekbone augmentation can soften over a few weeks.


From £550 – please see price list for more details.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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