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Silhouette Soft Thread Lift Costs

At Viridian Medical we pride ourselves on offering all treatments at a value that reflects the efficacy and benefit of the treatment. Our two beautiful clinics are run by Dr Bea Brookes FRCS.

Dr Bea Brookes will see and assess you in person, outline your treatment and perform the treatment herself. Dr Brookes has extensive clinical experience in general surgery (including plastic surgery) and Aesthetics.

We are delighted to offer Silhouette Soft, a cutting-edge technology treatment that has evolved from Aptos and Silhouette Lift to a minimally surgical semi-permanent mini-facelift, at a superb value price until end of June 2014.

Silhouette Soft occupies a unique niche in Aesthetic medicine, allowing for effective skin lifting in a minimally invasive surgical method but requires advanced skills and extensive experience of all aspects of Aesthetics. Dr Brookes’ background gives her an advantage in offering this treatment.

Each thread of 8 cones is priced at £215.
An average of 4 threads per treatment is required – 2 per side.

A mini-facelift cost £860 per average treatment.
Additional threads can be inserted at a later date for the same cost.

16 cone thread – £275 per thread
Only where the patient is clinically suitable.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinics.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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