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Eye Bags and Saggy Lids – the Non-Surgical Blephroplasty

Crêpey Eyes and loose skin

  • Tired of that crêpey skin below and above the upper lid that drags when applying makeup?
  • Not ready for surgery?
  • Too young for surgery?
  • Had surgery (blephroplasty) in the past but want to maintain the look?
  • Bothered by small lower eye bags and loose upper lid skin?
  • Just want a fresher look for a little longer?

Plasma IQ – The Vogue Eye Lift

We call this procedure non-surgical blephroplasty.

What does the treatment do?

  • Reduces crepey eye skin up to the browline *
  • Retracts the upper lids and makes it crisper *
  • Reduces crepry skin to lower lids *
  • Reduces crow feet *
  • Reduces lower eye bags bag can be made smaller *

Obviously some people really need full surgery and the options will be discussed as to what is in your best interest.

Assessment and Results

A proper assessment to look at the extent of laxity and assessment of your natural eye shape and the appearance of the lids in younger days is helpful. Photos from before are useful.

Some people have small lids naturally others more pronounced.

With lower bags it is not just skin laxity but protrusion of fat from the orbital area which can make eye bags more pronounced. This cannot be improved with laser – surgery is needed.

Blephroplasty is the technical term to mean manipulation of the eye lids and is associated with having full surgery. Clearly some people’s best interest is not well served by a laser procedure if there is to much laxity and surgery is more likely to give a better result. In all cases laser will never quite achieved the same impact as surgery .

How does it work

A smart and effective method of lasering the skin around the eye to resurface the skin and promote collagen and elastin growth.

Skin feels firmer, looks less lined and behaves in a more supple elastic way i.e. drags less *.

One full treatment takes less than fifteen – twenty minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic.

Patient feedback is excellent and is well tolerated.

Surgery versus laser eye-lift

  • Surgery leaves scars and usually 2 ops is the maximum in a life time
  • Laser can be repeated on an annual basis if the skin allows it
  • In addition laser can be used after surgery and smooths the skin up-to the brow line


Please note Dermaroller devices cannot be used as effectively around the eye -and in my opinion Dermaroller procedures are less well tolerated that this new laser technology.

Down time?

Expect 2- 4 days of noticeable puffiness with a moderate treatment and pinkness for a week *.

Please note

Sometime surgery really is the best option for you. If so Dr Brookes has network of surgical colleagues with whom she works closely. If she thinks you are better suited to that she will discuss that with you at consultation and advise accordingly.

Pigmentation – some people pigment more easily and my need a pigment control programme before and after lasering. Dr Brookes will advise.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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