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Dracula Therapy – Platelet Rich Plasma PRP therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections – “The Dracula Therapy”

This is a simple but innovative technique used to improve skin texture, elasticity, improve crepiness and has a wide range of applications all over the body, even areas that can be otherwise difficult to treat. Having looked at the data, I am very pleased to offer Dracula therapy into my practice and believe some of its unique features will prove very popular with patients looking for natural rejuvenation using their own body blood components to stimulate tissue regeneration.

What can be achieved with PRP Therapy?

  • Reduces crepey skin all over the face *
  • Improve the texture of the skin *
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles of the decollete (neck, shoulders and cleavage) *
  • Can be an extra tool for difficult problems *

What’s involved in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

The treatment takes place in the consulting room. 20 ml of your own blood are taken from your arm. This is specially centrifuged (spun in a special machine at high speed) to separate the red blood cells and only leave the plasma portion. This clear plasma is removed, especially harvesting the portion that is rich in platelets. This plasma is injected immediately into the treatment area or applied superficially to the skin *.

It takes place in a consulting room and is performed in less than 45 minutes,

What are the benefits of PRP Therapy?

The plasma and platelets contains several natural factors which promote you own collagen and elastin synthesis to give visible difference to the texture, elasticity of the skin and also bony formation when placed more deeply in the tissue. Dr Brookes will explain why the latter point can be beneficial especially in the eye socket & jaw line area.

It is your own body fluid and is accessible and quick to perform there and then.

How long has PRP Therapy been around?

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma has been in main stream medicine for 30 years starting in the dental field, then orthopaedics, plastic surgery and burns. It has had wide application but essentially helps regenerate new tissue and promotes healing in damaged tissue, even tendons and chronic wounds. In burns it has been used to promote healing and in also difficult wounds that will not heal, even in the elderly. I understand the Olympic committee recognise it as a treatment for injured tendons and sprained/ inflamed in top athletes, which are notoriously slow to heal.

It is relatively new to aesthetic medicine (around 5 years) and has not had the same degree of evaluation in terms of its efficacy but in my wide experience in clinical medicine and my background in surgery and plastic surgery with burns, I think the data stacks up and the results are applicable to rejuvenation as the mechanisms to promote new tissue are the same. It clearly is safe.

Does PRP Therapy work?

There is one study involving 37 patients is aesthetics looking at various parameters of improvement. Whilst there are a large number of published reports on PRP in main stream medicine its application in aesthetics is more recent and critical evaluation of results of larger study groups is not yet an available. However my own estimation is 50 – 60 % should see a good improvement is texture & elasticity, another 15 % may have a very good response ( better than expected) with a possible cohort of 10 -15 % seeing a disappointing response. Patient selection is all important in trying to maximise the best results but evaluation can be subjective.

What areas can be treated with PRP? Why is it exciting?

Virtually any area can be treated in a quick & easy method with a small gauge needle and injection is very easy. You must expect to experience bruising though, especially in the eye area. Any part of face, eye area, eye socket area, jaw line, cheeks, neck, decollate, hands. I’m particular excited about the areas that are difficult to treat and retain a natural look;- such as the eye socket area, the mobile area between the cheek and mouth that gets saggy but filling can make unnatural. Patients with crepey skin and a thin dermis so the skin concertinas into folds should respond well.

**Synergistic therapies to resurface the skin with laser (Dermaroller®) first and apply the plasma fraction on as a serum on top shows good result albeit anecdotal.

Repeat treatment may be necessary – one to three treatments may be necessary. Treatment intervals are not specific but a minimum of 4 weeks is generally advised but no harm with shorter intervals.

Mixing with Dermal Fillers

Serum can be mixed with dermal fillers (eg Juvederm) to increase volume if this is the desired effect.

Any “don’ts” before treatment?

No aspirin or other blood thinners for 5-7 days. If you are on prescription aspirin for any medical problem please discuss this with Dr Brookes first. Do not stop any therapy prescribed by your GP without prior discussion. No aspirin thereafter for 5 days. Do not apply makeup for the rest of the day.

Cost – Dracula Therapy Guildford

Cost per treatment £550 using a 20 mls syringe of blood with a yield of about 5-6 mls of plasma.
Subsequent treatments £500.

If laser or fillers are used as an adjunct / combination therapy, relevant prices to those procedures apply too.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.

” * I recently had the PRP procedure performed by Dr Brookes. The reason for me wanting to try out this exciting procedure, is because I have crepey skin under my eyes and I have lost volume and tone to my whole face.

The actual taking of the blood to be spun was painless and no different to having a blood test at the doctors. Dr Brookes prepared my face with a numbing cream which was very effective.

She then started injecting the Plasma into my face. I can honestly say that the injections didn’t hurt, but just felt like pin pricks.

I had very little swelling and bruising after which lasted for about 48 hours. I even did the school run the next day and felt okay.

About 10 days after, I could see a natural glow that I hadn’t seen for a long time. I can definitely see an improvement to my skin texture and also the eye socket area looks a bit fuller. I am told that the procedure can take anything from a few weeks to months to see the full results. I am looking forward to this.

The procedure sounded a little scary at first, but it really isn’t at all bad. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who would prefer to go down the natural route to anti-aging. Very happy!!!”

Female, 30s, Surrey, 2013

Dracula Therapy - Platelet Rich Plasma Skin Treatment

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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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