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The Genuine Dermaroller

  • Effective
  • Clinic room setting
  • Minimal down time
  • No laser hazards
  • All racial skin types
  • Affordable
Dermaroller Crepe

A clinic room procedure taking twenty to forty minutes.
A course of treatment for two to five is usual.

What can be treated with Dermaroller?

This gives the opportunity to have an alternative treatment to laser or peeling for the following conditions with minimal downtime

  • Reduce acne scarring (not live acne or “pick axe” lesions) *
  • Reduce stretch marks *
  • Reduce crepey skin rejuvenation of the face, hands, décolleté *
  • Improve texture of the skin on the face, décolleté *

What skin types can be treated with Dermaroller?

  • All skin types and colours

Dermaroller is useful on darker skin where other laser treatments may pose more of a hazard.

What is involved, what is the down time?

Application of a special local anaesthetic crème (LMX 4 needs to work for thirty minutes. The area is cleaned then treated with the super engineered roller, penetrating the skin to 1mm to cause very fine puncture marks of consistent depth. A face treatment takes twenty to thirty minutes. It can feel uncomfortable but is usually well tolerated.

What happens after treatment with Dermaroller?

A specialised soothing crème is applied, the skin is cleaned. The skin looks pink and feels very warm for about two hours. Thereafter it feels like a moderately bad sunburn, feels tight and warm for two to three days but to an observer it will look like a high glow and not look abnormal. Bruising and swelling is unlikely. You can carry on with normal activities from the next day and you will be able to apply the soothing balm and make up the next day. You must wear a high protection factor of SPF50, which we supply the first time.

How many Dermaroller treatments will I need?

Two to five treatments is usual depending on the problem. Rejuvenation usually needs three treatments, acne scarring may need a full five. Five is the maximum number recommended.

What about the results ?

No treatment is perfect and expectations must be realistic. Improvement only can be achieved *. Acne scarring, which is notoriously difficult to treat, may improve significantly but it is unlikely to disappear *. Lines and wrinkles can soften but not be erased. However the results are being compared to fractionated laser treatment and some doctors are seeing results that can be equalled to laser for some patients.

What are the alternatives to Dermaroller?

Plasma IQ laser is superior and quicker, in areas such as the eye- lower and upper lids (non-surgical blepharoplasty).

In addition laser of the neck gives, better results as less pressure is needed and the Dermaroller can be uncomfortable over the structures at the front of the neck.

For full face treatment, it is often better tolerated. However, treatment of acne a scarring in Asian and darker skin is probably safer with Dermaroller.


First treatment £390 included a home care pack for after.

Subsequent treatments £300

Packages pre-paid

Three treatments for £950.

If you wish smaller localised area to be treated, say around the mouth or just the forehead, we will quote you a price. Most of these are about £250 for the first treatment then £200.

I want to know more about Dermaroller – what should I do ?

Call for an information leaflet and book a consultation to see if you are suitable.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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