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Dermal Fillers

Are you looking for Dermal Fillers in Surrey?

Viridian Medical can provide you with dermal fillers from our specialist and discreet practice in East Horsley, Surrey – close to Guildford, Woking and Leatherhead. Dermal fillers have become the basic foundation of temporarily restoring volume to the face and filling in facial lines and folds.

Dr Bea Brookes MBBS FRCS FFAEM has carried out dermal filler treatments for the past thirteen years and has a proven track record in helping our patients to achieve a fresher look with non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Find out more about Dr Bea Brookes and what her clients say.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Studies show that we lose facial volume before we lose skin elasticity, which can start in our mid-thirties as the naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid, that keeps our skin looking hydrated and healthy, becomes less effective. Other factors such as dieting, stress, smoking and ageing can also contribute to facial volume loss.

Dermal fillers are injectable, anti-aging treatments made of Hyaluronic Acid designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore natural facial volume.

* I would like to say I am absolutely delighted with the results I have had to my cheeks and lips with filler by Bea Brookes.

I searched the internet explored recommendations by friends, and she is by far the best person I have ever used. I feel totally at ease with the ageing process now at 50yrs old, as I now know I have Bea to look after things.

C S – September 2017

What can Dermal Fillers help with?

Dermal fillers carried out in our clinic in Surrey have helped clients with the following:

* Dr Bea Brookes was recommended to me by a friend. Having never had non-surgical treatments before, it was important for me to have references from other people. I had my own opinion of what I thought I needed, but during the initial consultation it became clear that you really need an expert to understand your individual requirements and help you assess your options. Dr Bea Brookes made recommendations on the areas that she felt would benefit me more and suggested I take time to absorb the advice. I have returned to Dr Bea Brookes several times since then to receive treatments recommended. During my treatments, Dr Bea Brookes explained each stage of the treatment and ensured I was comfortable.

As for the results, I am amazed. I thank my friend for recommending and Dr Bea Brookes for her professionalism. I will definitely be visiting again.

Female 40’s Surrey

Our approach to dermal fillers

Our philosophy for dermal filling is to restore facial volume and maintain a natural look – not to over-augment. There may be occasions where adding volume to your natural state may be advantageous to you, but we will respect the boundaries of what is accepted as being beautiful. Please note that if Dr Brookes does not believe a procedure is in a patient’s best interest, she will decline to provide treatment.

As our understanding of aging has increased we can apply the fillers in increasingly sophisticated methods to restore or add lost volume more effectively.

What Dermal Fillers are available at the Surrey Clinic?

We only use reputable, semi-permanent, NASHA (non-animal stabilised hyaluronic acid) dermal fillers produced by manufacturers with an established presence in the UK.

All dermal fillers have slightly different properties and we will advise on which treatment will help you to meet your particular challenge. For example Restylane Vital is extra light and great for hands and the décolleté area whereas Teosyal Ultra Deep, in our opinion, is softer and more appropriate for subtle volume restoration in the mid-face.

We use specialised TSK® Cannula in applying dermal fillers which minimise risk of blood vessel entry and can significantly reduce bruising.

Juvederm Products: 
Juvederm Ultra 2, Juvederm 3, Juvederm 4 , JuvedermVOLUMA

Restylane Products:
Restylane Vital and Restylane SUB Q

Teosyal Products:  
Teosyal Deep, Teosyal Ultra Deep

Please do contact us if you have any questions about dermal fillers.

* Over the past three years I have had Restylane injections several times in my lips with different practitioners. The results obtained by Dr. Brookes have definitely been the best. The look I now have is a natural but definite improvement. You don’t have to go to London to get great results!

Miss A, Surrey

More on Dermal Fillers

Before we carry out your dermal filler treatment at our practice in East Horsley in Surrey, we will require a full medical history and notification of any medications being taken. Minor conditions such as shingles or even cold sores can give rise to complications, so we must know as much about a patient’s health as possible.

As part of the consent process we will make a full assessment of the proportions of the patient’s face and discuss the patient’s goals and reason for treatment to determine whether we are able to help.

Though we use TSK cannulae, natural swelling, bruising and / or tenderness should be anticipated and planned for in advance. Lips, lip lines and tear-troughs are all subject to bruising.

Serious complications such as allergic reaction or entry into a blood vessel are very rare but they will be discussed prior to proceeding as part of the consent process. We will also discuss particularly hazardous areas and any risks the patient may present as an individual.

The number of syringes a patient may need will be estimated and discussed in advance. Most people need one or two syringes for most procedures but for very deep marionette lines, one could use up to four in one sitting. The overall effect is long lasting but you need to be aware of the potential costs involved.

For all-over facial filling we may use four syringes but this may be more economic than a course of Sculptra and the results would be more immediate. We usually give a discount for the second syringe (and subsequent syringes) in the same area. For more details on the cost of dermal fillers please see our price list.

Pain control – Dental blocks or nerve blocks can be used but I also use a highly effective topical anaesthetic crème LMX4 which needs 20- 25 minutes to work. Patients report it is very effective.

Please do not take Aspirin before a procedure if you can avoid it. If you are on prescription aspirin please inform us in advance. Paracetamol can be helpful but it is not usually necessary.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.

Please do contact us for more information or if you have any questions about dermal fillers or any other cosmetic treatment. We offer dermal fillers at our practice in East Horsley, Surrey, close to Guildford, Leatherhead and Woking, where there is ample private parking.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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