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Cryotherapy Freezing

Skin Cryotherapy  is a simple freezing technique ( note we do not use Nitrogen) treating various local benign superficial skin conditions.
The freezing destroys this tissue. There may be some crusting as the area then heals.
Localized brown spots secondary to sun damage on the face and hands do very well with one treatment .
Please expect darkening of the area with roughness as the pigment lifts out , then pinkness in a 2 week cycle.
This is a good inexpensive and safe alternative to laser treatment or lightening crèmes.
Please note if you have a naturally darker skin or Asian or Middle Eastern , then skin preparation in advance may needed to reduce “rebound hyperpigmentation “, which can occur with any superficial treatment on darker skins

What can be treated?

  • Reduce brown spots *
  • Reduce sun damage spots *
  • Treat solar keratosis – raised area *
  • Treat liver spots *
  • Treat warts on the hands *
What is involved?

Careful assessment of the area in question is required to exclude basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma or suspicious lesions such as melanoma.Please note Dr Bea Brookes whilst an experienced doctor with a background in plastic surgery , is not a specialist dermatologist . Occasionally we pick up a ski mole we think looks suspicious and may need to refer to you back to your GP for specialist referral.

Often one treatment is sufficient other times a second one may be needed. SPF protection with SPF 30 minimum is need for 6 weeks. If you have extensive crypotherapy we would recommend no sunny holidays for the 6 week duration.

Warts may need other treatments or ablative laser.

* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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