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Crêpey or Loose Skin

The surface of the skin is described as crêpey when there are several fine wrinkles cover its surface in a criss-cross fashion, which make the skin look papery and thin and resulting in sag. When pinched it does not bounce back due to loss of elasticity.

This is a sign of premature ageing that occurs with dry skin, sun damage and smoking or diet. There may be other signs of damage such as sun spots, uneven pigmentation or solar keratosis. Some areas may look worse than others.

The most commonly affected areas are:

  • The face – the cheeks, the eyes and around the lips
  • Crêpey eyelids
  • The neck – a fold of loose skin can occur at the front and look ageing
  • The décolleté – crêpey loose skin and tram lines between the busts develop
  • The hands – loss of fat and a bony appearance occurs.

Our Approach to Reducing Crêpey Loose Skin

What can be done non-surgically for loose or crepey skin?

Full consultation and assessment is essential. Combination treatments is most effective

  • Restylane Vital- hydration and plumping
  • Plasma IQ
  • PDO thread lift or monofilaments to support the deeper structures
  • The Dracula PRP therapy – useful around the eyes
  • High SPF daily all year round -minimum SPF 20 – prevention
  • Volume restoration – with SCULPTRA wide spread can be effective with dermal fillers

Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital light

A lovely treatment using this silky product which is injected with tiny needles into the surface of the skin. One off may suffice but a course of upto three may bee needed. Usually an adjunct to other laser treatment.

The Dracula PRP Therapy

See the relevant information page for this. Particularly useful in the delicate eye area, décolleté and neck. as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with other laser resurfacing treatments.

Volume Restoration Using Dermal Fillers

Skin may crepe excessively if the supporting fat is depleted. By volumising the face, particularly in the cheek area, rather than tackling individual lines, the crepey skin is plumped out.

This can be achieved with Radiesse, Sculptra or Teosyal Ultra or Juvederm Voluma


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