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Price List

Viridian Medical offers a wide array of non-surgical cosmetic procedures at competitive prices on a par with those offered in a high street.

The cosmetic treatment prices are listed according to the type of procedure you are likely to have.

Consultation should be a process designed to give you as much information about a procedure as possible, help you decide what is in your best interest and give you impartial advice and realistic expectations regarding outcome.

Whilst “free consultations” may seem a tempting option, your best interests are not usually served by such an approach

Fees and redeeming of fees

There is a £10 BOOKING fee which is NON-REDEEMABLE

Consultation fees are £50 and are redeemable against a procedure carried out on the same day, such as wrinkle treatment injections or a dermal filler (such as Juvederm or Teosyal).

If you book a procedure on the day of consultation such as injection lipolysis or Sculptra your consultation fee will be redeemed at the time of the procedure.

Consultation is NON REEDEMABLE for PEELS, Threads or LASER treatments

Your consultation will take place at our East Horsley Facility.


We understand occasionally life conspires against you and an appointment cannot be kept.
However if this is habitual, we will ask for advance payment of the procedure before offering another appointment

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We accept all major credit and debit cards but NOT AMEX.


Price List

Booking Fee £10 (non-redeemable paid at time of booking) £10
45 minute consultation £50 *

*This is redeemable against injectables (ie Toxin & fillers) but NOT Laser, Thread or Chemical treatments

Wrinkle Relaxation Botulinum Toxin Type A (Wrinkle Treatment)

Includes an initial top-up if required
Female Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

One area £205
Two areas £260
Three areas £315

Review recommended at 2 weeks post treatment

Line Softening Using Dermal Fillers

Using Juvéderm Ultra, Restylane and Teosyal PER SYRINGE.

Skin Hydration with Restylane Vital (1ml) £200
Superficial Lines e.g. Juvederm Ultra 2 £250
Deeper lines/furrows – Marionette Lines e.g. JUVEDERM 3/4 £300
Deep Filling or Volume – Mid Face, Cheekbone Enhancement using Teosyal Ultra Deep £350
Additional Syringe at same sitting with eg Juvéderm etc. £200 each
Additional Syringe with Teosyal Ultra Deep £250

Lip Contouring (Optional Dental Block) – Hyaluronic Acid Filler

1st Syringe £300
Additional Syringe at same sitting £200

Restore Facial Volume

Sculptra® 1 vial – Can treat full face in one sitting £450*
Subsequent additional Sculptra® vials £400*
RADIESSE 1.5 mls  £475
RADIESSE additional syringe on the day  £350

*Deposit of £200 required before treatment as product is reconstituted 5 days prior to treatment.

Facial Contouring

Using Juvéderm Voluma, Teosyal Ultra Deep or Restylane Sub Q

Chin augmentation with Teosyal Ultra Deep 2mls is a standard treatment From £350
Instant Mid-Face/Cheekbone Volume with Juverderm VOLUMA OR TEOSYAL ULTRA £350

All Additional Syringes are £250.

Medical Chemical Peeling Systems

Easy Phytic peels

Young Acne and Quick Glow £75 each
Glycolic peels 30-70% £100.00 each
Chelated TCA 20-30% £300
Easy TCA course of 4 only £600
*Nu-Derm Obagi System £550

* Must be pre-paid
Please enquire about Obagi treatments for all skin problems needing a medical solution.

Viridian Medical Facelift

Comprehensive full rejuvenation packages for more extensive treatment from £2,250

The Dracula PRP

 PRP The Dracula £ 550 *


Teartrough filling Using TSK Cannula

Teartroughs  first 1ml syringe  £350
 Subsequent syringes  £250

Price guide only. Exact price when full assessment has been made.

Plasma IQ

Laser resurfacing.

Upper eye lids £350
Full eye area £500
2 full eye area treatments £800
paid in advance

The Vogue V Lift – PDO Thread Lift

There are several thread types dependent on the area being treated but in brief:

Brow Lift
With a short cog thread is £500 for 4 threads, Plan for 4 threads unless informed otherwise, you may need 6.
Upper or Lower Facelift
Using LONG 3-D COGS plan for 6 – 8 threads for either of these areas. 6 Threads is £840 or 8 Threads is £1080. Typically the upper or lower face is 6 threads but 8 may be needed.
Full Face
We do not recommend the full face being done in the same sitting
Monofilament Threads
Fine Monofilament threads generally used for under chin area are £20 for the first 20 threads and then £10 for each additional thread, with between 10- 40 threads per sitting inserted.

Dr Brookes will try to give you an estimate of how many threads are likely to be used in your case during consultation. Please be aware that there is a cooling of period for this treatment so it cannot be done on the same day as consultation.

Genuine Electronic Dermaroller (EDS)

Medical skin resurfacing. Please note this is not a beauty salon treatment.

Smaller Areas eg: Around eye area From £150
Full Face £350

Facial Red Vein Treatment using Medical Hyfrecator

Face – Using Topical Local Anaesthetic  From £100 per site

Please plan for 2 treatments, more extensive areas will incur further charges.


Freezing treatment for brown spots, Warts and Solar Keratosis

Freezing for benign skin problems From £50 per spot

Please be aware that you may need more then one treatment

Aqualyx Chemical Localised Fat Reduction

Small Area – Chin/Jawline 1st Treatment From £275
Large Area – Upper or Lower Abdomen 1st Treatment From £350
Full Abdomen or Saddlebags 1st Treatment From £550
Subsequent treatments charged per Vial £110 per Vial

Other treatment areas are available prices provided at consultation. Please allow for up to 3 treatments per area.

Hyperhydrosis Excessive Sweating

Both Armpits £500 in one session
Per Hand with Nerve Block £500
Both hands on 2 Separate Days with Nerve Block £800

We usually recommend only doing one hand per sitting

Medical Skin Products

We supply all medical dermatological products; including the full Obagi range,  Clenziderm, Obagi Nuderm for acne and pigment problems, Obagi Elastiderm

Mene & Moy glycolic face washes allow home chemical exfoliation and help control unwanted oil and mild spots

Hylagel is a superb facial serum of pure hyaluronic acid for very dry skin, but allows hydration of all skin types.

Rejuvenation Packages

Having met you we can draw up a bespoke package for you in writing to outline the treatments you wish to have over time and the discount you will receive on the whole package.

Individual Prices

We will discuss the price of your whole procedure and draw your attention to prices if additional work or additional materials, eg: fillers, may be needed.

The staff here at Viridian Medical are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatments we offer.

If you would like more information about our surgical or non-surgical procedures, would like to arrange a consultation or you have a general enquiry about our services please fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll be in touch.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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