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Cosmetic Treatment in Surrey

We cover cosmetic treatment for a variety of concerns you may have but it’s essential to have an OBJECTIVE overview and take a fresh look of what the most important areas to tackle first.

PDO threads Sculptra course

My concern is … Possible solution For more details
Advice Please come with an open mind for an honest appraisal
Acne Scarring Dermaroller, possibly dermal filler Dermaroller
Acne Holistic approach & advice Arbonne,peels,Obagi treatment
Bulges,small & modest size only Aqualyx injections Ask for an info sheet
Chin Receeeding
Small, receding
Filling deep volume with SUB Q dermal filler May need referral to surgeon if severe
Chin – DOUBLE Aqualyx Ask for an information sheet
Crepy skin hand, décolleté, neck PRP PDO monofilaments The Dracula Therapy
Cheeks – flat face or volume loss Advanced Dermal Filling with cannula
Crepey / loss of elasticity skin to face generally The Dracula Therapy or combination The Dracula Therapy
Cheekbones – loss of volume Create or enhance with Radiesse Radiesse or Juvederm
Dark Circles Filling, peeling, cremes Full assessment needed
Gaunt face/ flat face/ thin Radiesse, or Sculptra using specialised CANNULAE Radiesse, Sculptra
Facial Skin – loose, crepey Dracula Therapy Combination therapies and courses
Lines, wrinkles upper face Soften with Botox Wrinkle reduction
Jaw-line loose Vogue V lift,
or Advanced filling
Vogue V lift
Jaw line square and prominent Botulinum correction Injection to Masseters
Jowls / jowly PDO Thread Lift
Injection Lipolysys
Nefertiti neck lift
Surgical referral if excessive or desired
Lines and wrinkles Botulinum therapy or soft filling Dermal fillers
Lines – Marionette and lower face Dermal fillers Dermal fillers
Lines Naso-labial (nose to mouth) Dermal fillers Dermal fillers
All issues – thin lips or lines or loss of volume
Enhance with dermal fillers, soften lines Dermal fillers and dental block for pain relief
Eyelid sag
Eyelid sag
Plasma IQ Ask for an information sheet
Neck – bands Botulinum therapy to soften
Skin Issues
Dry, oily, irritated
Consultation- can usually be remedies. PEELING or laser Arbonne Skincare Products
Skin Resurfacing Dracula Therapy, Dermaroller Combination therapy
Sweating excessive in women & men BOTULINUM therapy Arm pits & hands
Pigmentation OBAGI, EVENTONES, laser or peeling or combinations Combination therapies depending on cause
Pigmentation local brown spots Cryotherapy
Tear troughs or hollow eyes Juvederm filling Tear troughs with Cannula
Red Veins – face IPL – Arbonne Skincare Products or Thermocautery Arbonne Skincare Products
Skin resurfacing EDS- Arbonne Skincare Products Arbonne Skincare Products
Pores – large Arbonne Skincare Products TCA peeling,


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