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Chemical Peels

Medical Chemical Peels – Skin Resurfacing without abrasion


  • Increase skin brightening *
  • Reduce dullness *
  • Reduce acne *
  • Reduce fine lines *
  • Reduce abnormal pigmentation *
  • Reduce sun damage *
  • Reduce brown spots *
  • Reduce skin blemishes *
  • Increased hydration *
  • Reduce oiliness *
As we age, the epidermis, the upper most layer of skin, thickens and collagen production in the dermis below it slows down. Skin looks dull, blemishes, open pores, uneven pigmentation with brown spots and broken red vessels form. Peeling restores lustre, glow, smoothness and evenness.

Removing the epidermis gently without abrasion with a chemical skin peel stimulates the lower dermis to produce new plumper cells and restores skin lustre as it reflects light better. Skin peels, although effective, can be problematic if not correctly selected. There are many types of peels in varying packaging but medical chemical peels should not be applied in a beauty salon.

The main medical chemical skin peel groups commonly in use are;

  • Glycolic peels
  • Fruit and plant acids eg. Phytic peels. Quick fix for a special occasion
  • TCA Peels
  • Retinol

There are varying depths of peels, some are very deep (phenol peel) for deep lines and are carried out under anaesthetic, with considerable swelling and “down-time”. These peels are not offered by Viridian Medical and are for deeply etched in lines.

There is an evolution toward more superficial / medium depth peels but in a medical strength. A pleasing effect can be obtained by a series of skin peels over six to eight weeks with maximal results at twelve to twenty-four weeks and should be supplemented by using glycolic washes and night creme *. A full list of the costs for these chemical peels and skin rejuvenation treatments can be found on our Cosmetic procedures prices page.

Brands used

  • Arbonne Genius Skin Pads
  • Skin Tech Systems – Easy TCA
  • Mene & Moy Glycolic Peels up to 50%
  • Mene & Moy Chelated TCA Peel  20 & 30% – this is more cost effective than Obagi Blue Peel
  • Obagi Nuderm

How else can the skin be resurfaced?

We all dream of blemish free, lustrous skin that reflects light and looks healthy with a powdery glow that is not shiny, all the factors we associate with youthful, healthy skin. Many ways are available to achieve improvement if not perfection. In addition to the chemical peels discussed:

  • Exfoliation scrubs at home – we do not recommend this
  • Arbonne Genius Skin Pads – topical exfoliation without irritation
  • Face products with glycolic acid in for home use as part of skin care regime
  • Micro-dermabrasion in a beauty salon or higher powered medical device
  • Dermaroller

Each method may have advantages over others, but each have their individual drawbacks. An experienced aesthetician should be able to discuss all aspects with you. If they cannot offer you the service for the outcome you want then ask to be referred elsewhere. If you chose a laser option, check out the clinic and the operator.

Do not settle for second best or a treatment only available at that clinic if it is not right for you.


Glycolic Peels

These are derived from sugar cane to a low pH, an alpha hydroxyl acid varying strengths from 10-70% are used. Strengths of 30% or greater ,which are also acidic and therefore potent, need proper medical supervision and training. There are different types of peel systems but Viridian Medical uses the Mene & Moy system range, which is well respected.

Benefits include:

  • Improved skin texture, colour and tone *
  • Diminished fine lines *
  • Diminished/completely reduced acne *
  • Increased moisture content *

The procedure smoothes and softens the skin, diminishes fine lines, decreases acne outbreaks, evens out colouration and lightens hyper-pigmented areas *.

The glycolic peel can be performed on the face, neck, chest, hands and even the arms and legs. The solution is applied to the skin and patients usually note a burning sensation similar to sunburn after the procedure. As with any exfoliation or resurfacing, it is important to use sunscreens, because the deeper skin, with a thinner upper layer, is more susceptible to injury by the sun.

TCA peels – Tricholoroacetic Acid peels; One off or a course

There are a few different systems but essentially quite similar. The stronger varieties include peels of 20-30% solutions, that can be used all over the face up to the lid margin. These are one off skin peels but may need a second treatment six to eight weeks later, depending on the severity of the problem. For lack lustre, sun-aged, thick or oily skin, this may be the answer *. It helps with open pores and blackheads and acne. Caution with uneven pigmentation (chloasma and melasma) is necessary and it may not be suitable for Asian or Afro-Caribbean skin. Intense shedding for five to seven days is usual.

The Easy TCA peel course by Skin Tech uses a weaker concentration of TCA at 15%. Very good results can be obtained over a longer period of time. There is shedding with this system but it is less intense spread over a longer period of time. Four peels over four to eight weeks are necessary. Again acne, sun damaged and lack lustre skin all benefit. All skin types oily, dry can be treated. Superficial freckling can improve considerably *. It is about restoring vitality and glow to the skin by exfoliating the top layers. Always plan for a special occasion in advance.

Asian and African skin with uneven pigmentation may need a special regime and can be challenging to treat well.

Lovely lustre is restored that looks natural and not waxy *. However you must be prepared to always wear a high factor sun creme and avoid the sun thereafter.

OBAGI Nuderm skin systems and TCA Blue Peel

This is a complete skin care programme to tackle all skin care problems from acne, scarring, marked hyper-pigmentation, premature ageing. It is highly effective but requires significant commitment, with redness, discomfort and shedding for six to twelve weeks as the skin renews itself.

For those with extreme problems who have tried everything else this may be an answer for you, but needs careful consideration and discussion. The substances such as retionoic acid are potent exfoliators causing shedding and can only be prescribed by a doctor with the appropriate training in this system, or a dermatologist. This is not an over the counter product.

At the end the TCA peel which is optional – we prefer the Mene & Moy TCA to the Blue peel

All skin peel systems

After care and avoiding the sun is essential. The skin will be more prone to UV damage after a peel. Wearing Arbonne FC5 Botanical Oil  for a few days may be necessary and then a high factor creme SPF50 is recommended. The skin will look pink and may feel tender. If you have cold sores on occasions an outbreak may occur.

Chemical Peel Patient Testimonials

* During my initial consultation I found Dr. Bea Brookes to be very warm and friendly, she recommended a course of six glycolic facial peels at regular intervals. I was very impressed by the results, after each peel I could see a marked improvement in the skin texture and enlarged pores. Then, after a short break, I decided to have a stronger TCA peel, which had very good results, leaving my skin smoother and looking better than it has done in a long while. I will continue to have them at six monthly intervals as I am delighted with the results.

Mrs. B. Surrey

* Prior to my treatment with Dr. Brookes I had considered Fraxel laser treatment at a well-known surgeon’s clinic in London. The aggressive and unpredictable nature of lasers worried me (and recent press about its negative effects have upholded my view). Therefore the TCA easy-peel system was a safer, gentler option. I thoroughly researched the procedure and decided that it would suit the times I could devote to ‘downtime’ (just a couple of days of superficial peeling each time). Choosing Dr. Brookes to administer the peel did not require a ‘second thought’. To me, it made sense to choose a qualified doctor (and particularly one who had also trained in, amongst other institutions, a burns unit). Furthermore, the whole ‘setting’ was more to my liking than those heavily marketed cosmetic surgery companies. I would not hesitate to undergo this treatment in the future. My skin feels softer and I rarely wear foundation now as the previously reddish and somewhat ruddy appearance of my chin has become barely noticeable. On a final note, the care pack I received three months’ ago still contains tubes of cream which are half-full. Thanks to Dr. Brookes.

TH, London

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* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.


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* Disclaimer - Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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