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Appraisal and Revalidation and why it matters

All UK doctors are required to have an APPRAISAL to assess their fitness to practice before they can revalidate and be issued with a license to practice. The MEDICAL APPRAISAL is a formal process which requires the doctor to show evidence  of good practice and reflect on what could and should  done better and have systems

New non-surgical spot fat reduction with Aqualyx

Using a type of bile-salts, that breaks down fat cells and emulsifies the fat within , the product which has been extensively  used in Italy and  Germany has arrived in the UK. Using a specialized injection technique application is by For application and use by DOCTORS only, this product will help reduce local fatty deposits which occur

News from BCAM conference

A splendid two days of learning at Heythrop Park Oxford with a packed agenda. Existing treatment now evolving and being re-invented to new levels and improved techniques. On top of that a truly inspirational technique I will be adopting in my practice in 2013.

Dr Bea Brookes speaker at British College of Aesthetic Medicine conference

I am delighted to have been asked to speak on relevant Medical Emergencies to other cosmetic doctors at our forthcoming Annual Conference in Oxford. This keeps me on my toes and knowledge skills up to date, together with my role as a medical APPRAISER. Keeping up to date with good medical practice should always be at the core of being a


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