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Appraisal and Revalidation and why it matters

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All UK doctors are required to have an APPRAISAL to assess their fitness to practice before they can revalidate and be issued with a license to practice. The MEDICAL APPRAISAL is a formal process which requires the doctor to show evidence  of good practice and reflect on what could and should  done better and have systems in place to ensure quality is met and change implemented when needed. Part of the evidence  of good practice is feedback from their patients and from their colleagues.

As  hospital doctor for 23 years and hospital  NHS consultant , appraisal was mandatory many years ago. The appraisal process has evolved and I would say it is more incisive and searching than before. Appraisal should take place on an ANNUAL basis and I would urge all patients seeking  aesthetic treatment to ensure your own doctor is actively under going this process of review. Many  aesthetic doctors do not practice as part of an organization so it is imperative you ask the right questions as access if your doctor is engaged in Appraisal

The Appraisal process means any concerns about the doctors  can be brought up and dealt with. UK doctors are amongst the most regulated professions in the world. Having a medical aesthetic treatment should never  be under-taken lightly but sadly much of aesthetics has been dummed down- to the point the UK is one of few  countries where injectables can be carried out  by people who are not subject to any sort of professional regaultion ( apart from the criminal courts.).

The consequence is,  it really is then up to the patient to ask the right sort of searching  questions about the practitioner.

Look behind the faced of the marketing and glitz of any establishment and ask your doctor- about their aesthetic training, their medical background , how many complications  they have had. How would they deal with an emergency .

What information were you given. Did you feel pressurized. Did you feel a proper assessment was made about your concerns and expectations. Did you feel the clinic offered a full and comprehensive service or just a few ” tools” ie Botox & Fillers.


Dr Bea Brookes



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