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Toxin Therapy

Botox Treatment in Guildford, Surrey

Botulinum Toxin Type A, more commonly known as Botox, has been used widely in mainstream medicine for 3 decades. Used for treatment of squints, wry neck, and tight leg muscles in children with cerebral palsy, to name a few.

It was observed to reduce crow’s feet when injected around the eye area to treat a squint in a patient of Dr Jean Caruthers (Ophthalmic Surgeon in Canada). Since then it was developed for treatment, mainly of the upper face to reduce wrinkles.

In Modern Aesthetics it can applied to treat and improve:

  • Frown lines and wrinkles (vertical) between the brows *
  • Horizontal forehead lines and wrinkles *
  • Crow’s feet do particularly well *
  • Brow lift can be created *
  • Nefertiti neck Lift *
  • Masseters (Bruxism) grinding *
  • Excessive sweating – hyperhydrosis *

Both men and women can be treated for controlling dynamic wrinkles (with the face moving) and etched-in lines can be improved. I strive for a natural look that keeps you looking fresh and not a ‘done’ look. However, I will of course take into account your profession and what you are looking to achieve.

Wrinkle Reduction

As above the upper face does well. Lines around the mouth the mouth are best treated with Juvederm 2 and not Botox.

This is a specialised procedure and consideration to the position and shape of the brow and shape of the upper eye-lids is important. Brow lift can be effected in some people. Men do well with botox therapy but need a larger dose and particular attention to the shape of the brow is needed, which should not generally arch.

I do the treatment under magnification, I always “mark-up” and use ice to reduce any risk of complication.

Complications of facial toxins can include:

  • brow drop
  • lid drop (very rare if cautions applied)
  • bruising
  • over-effect
  • under-effect

However, I treat many people who have had bruising in the past and am pleased to report that bruising is very rare when the above precautions are undertaken.

After your first treatment, a review at 2 weeks is advised with a free top-up on those who merit it.

Ongoing treatments are needed between 3-6 months. Lines do “de-etch” – so if you have static lines visible with your face at rest, and are under 55, there is a good chance they will soften with time and in many cases be virtually eliminated if the treatments are kept up.

Contra-indications to treatment include;-

  • Bell’s palsy
  • neuromuscular problems ( eg. multiple sclerosis)
  • pregnancy and breast feeding

Nefertiti Neck Lift

The bands on the neck (plasma bands), visible when the jaw is clenched, can be softened with judicious use of botox In addition, the contour of the jaw line can be improved in some people with application of botox along the neck line. Sometimes the jaw line “slides” into the neck and the definition is lost for the side and front. If the skin is of good quality and elastic, relaxing the muscle below can improve this contour as the upper muscle elevates the jaw line. It has become known as the Nefertiti neck lift, after an ancient Egyptian Queen who was remembered for her beauty of perfect contour.

Bruxism – heavy masters – grinding

When use people clench their jaws the prominent masseter muscle at the side of the face, on the angle of the jaw looks square and heavy. In some people it indicates grinding or heavy clenching and can cause headaches and dental problems.

The face can look square and angular. This muscle can be tamed down using judicious applications of toxin. Sometimes just one or two treatments is sufficient and lasts a long time and can be very effective.

If dental issue become a problem then further referral may be needed but for cosmetic appearance this may well be sufficient. The lower part of the face looks softer and less square and is particular effective in women.

Excessive Sweating

Known as hyperhydrosis, it results in uncontrolled sweating of the armpits or feet or hands. The condition occurs around the whole year and interferes with function and confidence. Botox therapy is very effective in the armspits lasting 4 – 6 months in most cases. It is quick and relatively straight forward to do.

In the hand it is painful – the procedure can take a good 40 minutes. Often special nerve blocks are advised to help control pain during the procedure.

Cost is £500. For both armpits or one hand.

Tension Headaches and Migraine

Botox can be considered if all other options have been explored. About 50% of cases can be responsive. Migraine is a complex group of symptoms and has many different triggers and an array of symptoms, some of which can be extreme. Discussion with your GP is advised first if you have a complex history. I may need to speak with your GP or specialist to ascertain if this is the correct route for you. The technique is similar to cosmetic treatment but injection of the scalp area with toxin over the temples and the back of the scalp is needed.

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* Disclaimer – Treatment results will vary from person to person.

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