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Hyfrecator is used to coagulate localized enlarged vessels on the face and décolleté. LOCALIZED Telangiectasia or spider navi respond well as do Campbell de Morgan red age-spots and may disappear totally. If the vessels are numerous and very small ( ruddy /rosy cheeks or chin ) then LASER IPL may be better (please see Harmony Laser Treatment).For diffuse larger areas on the cheeks, chin or nose the number of treatments is determined by the extent of the problem but for the majority 2 treatments is sufficient. There may be a maintenance requirement on an annual or alternate year basis as vessels can recur. Some lager vessels around the nostril or nose may persist and not respond to treatment. The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic crème. Prepare for redness for a day and tiny scabs which may take 7- 10 days to settle. Moisturizing and using an SPF is recommended to protect the skin and allow healing.
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