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Below are just a few testimonials and Viridian Medical reviews from many of our patients over the years:

Dr Bea Brookes was recommended to me by a friend. Having never had non-surgical treatments before, it was important for me to have references from other people. I had my own opinion of what I thought I needed, but during the initial consultation it became clear that you really need an expert to understand your individual requirements and help you assess your options. Dr Bea Brookes made recommendations on the areas that she felt would benefit me more and suggested I take time to absorb the advice. I have returned to Dr Bea Brookes several times since then to receive treatments recommended. During my treatments, Dr Bea Brookes explained each stage of the treatment and ensured I was comfortable.

As for the results, I am amazed. I thank my friend for recommending and Dr Bea Brookes for her professionalism. I will definitely be visiting again.

Female 40’s Surrey – Fillers, October 2017

I moved to Surrey from up north and was looking for someone to do some Botox and maybe fillers for me, and by chance found Dr Brookes.

Initially I had my tear troughs done and the results were fantastic! No bruising and no pain and I looked fresh again. She suggested she could help me get rid of some horrible veins on my face too which I did over two treatments and I honestly never thought that could be done. What a difference….

Finally I went back because I wasn’t happy with my lower face and that’s where magic happened! It was amazing, and I looked like I’d had a face lift! Despite the fact that I’m moving back up north I will still pop back to Bea because she’s professional and experienced and she genuinely cares about making you look better. By far the best I’ve ever used…

Mrs D, Early 50’s, Surrey – September 2017

I would like to say I am absolutely delighted with the results I have had to my cheeks and lips with filler by Bea Brookes.
I searched the internet explored recommendations by friends, and she is by far the best person I have ever used. I feel totally at ease with the ageing process now at 50yrs old, as I now know I have Bea to look after things.

Mrs S, Early 50’s, Hampshire – August 2017

This is what I would say about Viridian Medical!

I have been having treatments with Dr Brookes for over 5 years and I can highly recommend her professionalism, expertise and results. Dr Brookes is knowledgeable and cautious and I always feel well taken care of. It is evident that my best interests are paramount and I always achieve a natural looking result. I never feel pressurised into any treatments I am not happy with and there is the added benefit that she used to run an A&E department and hence I am in very safe hands. I would not consider going anywhere else. Mrs L Surrey 2016

Dr Bea has been doing my Botox for the last couple of years and I literally couldn’t live without it! Her skill at knowing exactly what I want and keeping it looking natural and not frozen is fantastic. I get so many compliments saying I don’t look my age! Or course I don’t give my secret away!! Thank you Bea!!

Ms B , Surrey – 2016

* Dear Dr Bea, I just had to put pen to paper to thank you so much for the truly amazing results I have obtained from the PDO thread lifts you have performed on my face.

I had not heard of this procedure before I came to see you and although a little apprehensive initially once you had talked me through what would happen and what results I might expect to see, I was totally at ease about proceeding.

The procedure itself was pain free and the only feeling I did experience if anything was a kind of pulling sensation and it was over so quickly I couldn’t believe it!

The results from this non-surgical lift are truly amazing – the upper face-lift has given me the enhancement of my cheek bones that I sought after and the lower lift has redefined my jaw-line and just given me an overall more youthful look! I am just over the moon and just can’t stop smiling.

Your practice is so comfortable and well equipped and your skill and knowledge of aesthetic medicine is absolutely outstanding.

I am so pleased I found you and can honestly say I would now not go to anyone else!

From One very happy lady

Female Late 40s, Hampshire, April 2015

Dr Brookes writes: This patient had two medical minimally invasive procedures – 3D PDO Cogs to upper face (6 threads in total) and a further 6 to the lower face 2 weeks later. For safety reasons for this lady, I advised the thread lift in preference to fillers for the upper face. In addition, in my opinion the PDO cogs have given a better, more natural result that deep filling would have produced. She also had lip enhancement and wrinkle reduction – she is pleased with all the medical procedures.

* I am in my fifties and I had wanted some treatment for my drooping jaw line for some years. I wasn’t sure about going ahead with the invasive lower face lift and Botox or fillers wouldn’t give me result I wished for. Then I read about Silhouette soft. Watching it on You Tube, however, it didn’t impress me either but I’ve decided to find out more about it and to book a consultation. After two weeks of searching and phoning the most known clinics in London I was still in the square one. I decided to change my focus away from London and eventually I found and contacted Dr Bea Brooks. The same day I received a reply with the most detailed information about all available thread treatments. To cut a long story short, I had PDO cogs to the jawline to lift and tide the area of my concern. I am now two weeks since the treatment and I can honestly say that this the first time when I’ve been truly satisfied throughout the whole experience. Dr Brook’s practice is professionally equipped, spotless, making you feel at ease and comfortable. The procedure itself was performed with the high professional experience, quick, clean, and practically painless and the most importantly, when I looked in the mirror there was no sign of my dropping jaw line anymore. Last but not least, the affordability of the treatment is more than impressive.
I sincerely appreciate your dedication to the complete satisfaction of your patients. Thank you.

Treatment: Marionette line filer followed by 4 COGGED threads – 2 to each side a few weeks later.

Dr Brookes writes: This lady’s face is particularly slim and we could manage with just the 2 threads on each side. The average is 3 per side and some patients who are more jowly or with heavier oilier skin need 4 per side.

* I am 57 and have always tried to keep fit. I am not pretty or glamourous but I like the idea of a bit of proper maintenance. Sadly my body and face don’t keep up with each other.

My neck and jawline kept definition for a good while but slack skin had crept up on me making me feel tired and old when I looked in the mirror. I would pull the sides of my face up with my fingers and like what I saw! I had decided a face lift was inevitable.

I have had filler in the nasal labial lines a couple of times in the past, around two years apart and had a very good result. Dr Bea Brookes suggested thread lifting which she thought would work for me. I was already familiar with the idea but read a bit more about it. At the next appointment Dr Brookes put threads in my lower face around the lines I would pull with my fingers. She used local and I have to say it was not as uncomfortable as having filler. I could feel a bit of pulling but it was very easy. The effect was immediate and I was thrilled! I also had a little filler in the nose to mouth lines which I know takes years off me. I am now a big fan and a month down the line I am wondering where else I can have a couple of threads! I believe these are effective for up to two years and I would do it again without hesitation. Bea has a very good aesthetic eye and I trust her completely. I love that this is not a major surgery with significant downtime.

I am a hopeless bruiser with thin skin and I did take two weeks for the bruises to completely disappear. However a couple of days after the procedure I went out with make- up cover and my best friend did not notice, I had to tell her two weeks later when she said I looked well , I assumed she would know immediately. I travelled to see my elderly Dad the same day and he didn’t suspect a thing. There is no evidence visually or by feel that the threads are there. Magic!

The effect of the appointment has raised my self- esteem and given me a confidence boost.

* I visited Dr Bea in March for Smartxide and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr Bea was professional, accommodating, honest and incredibly kind. The consultation, treatment and after care was fabulous and always very relaxed with no rush or emphasis on time. I trust Dr Bea and will be visiting her for years to come, highly recommend.

Alex, Guildford

* I am very pleased with the results of Smartxide Laser treatment on my lower face and eyelids performed by Dr Brookes.

Dr Brookes fully explained the procedure and what she realistically believed the result I could expect after the treatment. Her friendly and open manner completely puts you at ease. The treatment itself was more uncomfortable than painful and was over with very quickly.

Throughout the healing process and beyond, Dr Brookes either telephoned or emailed to find out how things were progressing, and encouraged me to contact her if I had any concerns.

I had very realistic expectations when I decided to go ahead with this treatment and the overall result has exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend Dr Brookes highly enough.

Mrs B, Kent

* I have several treatments with Dr Brookes over the last few years and always been pleased with the results and natural look. This year I took the plunge to have the new PRP treatment which has been fabulous.

I decided to have the treatment because it made sense to have my own platelet rich blood be used to stimulate the collagen fibres build new fibres.

I know that the area around my eyes is prone to getting fine lines and crow’s feet and more recently has looked looser and less elastic, so I wanted a treatment that would give me a natural look.

I found the treatment very tolerable, with some bruising. The result is a much fresher version and importantly to me natural of myself.

Female mid-40s, Surrey
Treatments January 2013

* After having my second child, aged 36 and spending the following year being regularly woken in the middle of the night for feeds and teething, accompanied with the early starts every morning for the school run with my 4 year old, I really noticed how tired and haggard I was looking. I hoped I would eventually catch up on my sleep and start looking more like my old self, but that never seemed to happen.

I met Dr Brookes for an initial consultation at The Veridian Clinic in order to discuss the possible treatments that might help correct the obvious crepe lines around my eyes and the sunken, tired, eye bag lines under both my eyes. She seemed very friendly and approachable, but also very professional and honest with which treatments she did and did not think would benefit me. Dr Brookes suggested Co2 laser treatment around my lower and upper eye area and also Radiesse volumising dermal filler to help smooth out the sunken eye bag lines which spread out into my cheek area. She explained how the Radiesse treatment would help volumise my mid face and cheekbone area, giving me a younger more lifted and refreshed look.

I had the Co2 laser treatment first and four weeks later the Radiesse dermal filler treatment. Both treatments were virtually painless due to the anaesthetic numbing cream that was used in the areas to be treated. I experienced slight discomfort only during the actual laser treatment and no discomfort at all during the Radiesse treatment. Both treatments were also carried out within 15 minutes. After the initial swelling of the first couple of days following the Co2 laser treatment, I could instantly see the smooth ‘new’ skin surrounding my eyes and how refreshed it made me look. Over the following few weeks I also noticed how my skin appeared more taught and firm on both lower and upper eyelids. However the actual eyebag lines still remained obvious, as Dr Brookes had warned me that they probably still would.

I then had the Radiesse volumising treatment to my mid face and across my cheek bone area. The results were instant! It was as though I’d finally caught up on the last five years sleep deprivation of parenthood! As advised by Dr Brookes, prior to having the Radiesse injections, my cheek area appeared very slightly swollen for the following 24 hours and by the following day had really settled down nicely.

Overall I am very pleased with the subtle yet effective results these two treatments combined together, have achieved for me. I will definitely be repeating them again with Dr Brookes, as and when required in the future.

Female mid-30s, Surrey
Treatments 2011 – 2012

* I have been conscious of the skin around my eyes and was considering having surgery. I met with Dr Brookes who suggested I was still too young for surgery and Smartxide Laser instead would be effective. It would be a half-way house to surgery and could be repeated as needed.

I had two treatments nearly a year apart and I was really happy with the result. The loose skin has improved and I no longer look as tired. I know eventually I will need surgery but I feel this will tide me over until I feel ready for that step.

As I turned 40 and having been slim all my life the cheek area began to look a little gaunt. Dr Brookes advised Radiesse to give a little natural fullness. I had cheek enhancements with Radiesse and immediately noticed the difference. My face looked lifted and it gave me a new fresh look. I have had lots of comments on my appearance. Friends are saying how well I look. I would thorough recommend it. It is money well spent thank you Bea.

Female early 40s, Surrey
Treatments 2010 – 2012

* I have always had large legs and a relatively small top half. I had liposuction in the past to make some changes to my shape but my inner thighs were still lumpy and out of proportion to the rest of me. Vaser liposelection looked like the way to achieve a better shape and my expectations were exceeded. I now wear leggings to the gym instead of covering up with baggy trousers and my confidence in wearing closer fitting trousers has increased.

My treatment at the Guildford Hospital Nuffield Health was excellent, it is an attractive, comfortable place and the the staff are friendly throughout.

The process is not for the faint hearted as it was very uncomfortable at times and messy afterwards – wear old loose clothes. The results were worth it though.

* I have always been into health and fitness to keep in shape but have never had a full bust. The only time I have was when I was pregnant and breast feeding! Unfortunately this isn’t a time when you want to be getting dressed up to go out with a cleavage. I never wanted to have implants but have always wanted bigger breasts, so naturally I thought my dream of having more shape would not be possible. When Dr Brookes informed me of Macrolane this was a perfect solution to me.
It is a very simple procedure, with no stay in hospital and no general anaesthetic. There was discomfort for about a week, which is a small inconvenience for the result you achieve. I now have the fullness and shape I’ve always wanted, without the implant. The breasts look and feel completely natural, they move! I will definitely continue with the Macrolane, there is no going back to the breasts I had before… Thank you Dr Brookes.

Female patient,100mls per breast.
Forty-two years of age, after one child

* The Macrolane treatment was perfect for me, I just wanted to put back what age and breast feeding two children had taken away. The results are brilliant, a really natural shape, I used to rely on padded push up bras and now I look great even without a bra. It’s a quick procedure, with no hospital stay, which was a big benefit as I couldn’t afford to take time away from work and family. The procedure itself is uncomfortable to be honest but it is quick which makes it bearable. I took painkillers for three days afterwards and a week and a half later am feeling back to normal.Delighted I did it. It’s a great confidence boost and a complete joy to go bra shopping for a C cup!

Female patient, early 40s, 100mls per side

* My experience of Macrolane breast augmentation with Dr Brookes was 100% positive. The procedure itself was relatively pain free and only lasted about thirty minutes with instant “Wow” results. Over the following week I experienced some mild discomfort but nothing more than some slight swelling and a dull ache. I am absolutely thrilled with the final results, I have gained a full cup size and the improved lift and fullness is exactly what I was hoping to achieve.

June 2009 Ms C, Surrey

* I had SmartLipo on my knees by Dr. Brookes. After a lot of research I decided that I would only go ahead with someone qualified and experienced who could show me their results with other patients. My consultation with Dr. Brookes was totally unhurried and I was given all the information I needed without any pressure. I feel that I was given a very realistic expectation of what could be achieved and of the treatment itself. The procedure was quite straightforward and all the staff involved friendly and approachable. I returned to work the next day with no problem. I was contacted by Dr. Brookes’ secretary Anne to check I was OK after a couple of days and Dr. Brookes also emailed me a week or so later to check all was well. I feel that the level of care I have had has been excellent.
Mrs B, Surrey

* Over the last eight months I have received a number of treatments from Dr. Bea Brookes, all of which I have been delighted with. The first two were wrinkle treatment and Sculptra. They had precisely the effects on which Dr. Brookes and I agreed were the target. Subsequently I have undergone courses of injection lipolysis on four areas including my chin and abdomen. Again the results were exactly those I had hoped for. At all times, Dr. Brookes has been thoroughly professional in both her advice and the treatment and has advised me against treatments she believed were inappropriate. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Mrs R, London

* During my initial consultation I found Dr. B. Brookes to be very warm and friendly, she recommended a course of six glycolic facial peels at regular intervals. I was very impressed by the results, after each peel I could see a marked improvement in the skin texture and enlarged pores. Then, after a short break, I decided to have a stronger TCA peel, which had very good results, leaving my skin smoother and looking better than it has done in a long while. I will continue to have them at six monthly intervals as I am delighted with the results.

Mrs B, Surrey

* Prior to my treatment with Dr. Brookes I had considered Fraxel laser treatment at a well-known surgeon’s clinic in London. The aggressive and unpredictable nature of lasers worried me (and recent press about its negative effects have upholded my view). Therefore the TCA easy-peel system was a safer, gentler option. I thoroughly researched the procedure and decided that it would suit the times I could devote to ‘downtime’ (just a couple of days of superficial peeling each time). Choosing Dr. Brookes to administer the peel did not require a second thought. To me, it made sense to choose a qualified doctor (and particularly one who had also trained in, amongst other institutions, a burns unit). Furthermore, the whole setting was more to my liking than those heavily marketed cosmetic surgery companies. I would not hesitate to undergo this treatment in the future. My skin feels softer and I rarely wear foundation now as the previously reddish and somewhat ruddy appearance of my chin has become barely noticeable. On a final note, the care pack I received three months’ ago still contains tubes of cream which are half-full. Thanks to Dr. Brookes.

TH, London

* Over the past three years I have had Restylane injections several times in my lips with different practitioners. The results obtained by Dr. Brookes have definitely been the best. The look I now have is a natural but definite improvement. You don’t have to go to London to get great results!

Miss A, Surrey

* I have now had several treatments with Dr. Brookes, mainly lip fillers. I have had Restylane Lipp in both my upper and lower lips and the results are fantastic. Dr. Brookes’ skill at not overdoing it meant that I ended up with beautifully enhanced lips without it looking like anything had been done and not a “trout pout” in sight. I have now also had Evolence breeze in my top lip and I cannot wait to do the bottom! The look is subtle and as ever Dr. Brookes made the whole experience easy and pain free. I am astonished at the outcome, the swelling all but disappeared with the local anaesthetic, and there was no need for an ice pack and no pain killers either. Sign me up again please!!

MJ, Woking

* If you are considering having wrinkle treatment without a doubt you must have the procedure done by Dr. Brookes. I am new to this, and scoured the internet for a local clinic to find out more information on having it done. There was one name I kept coming upon as the best in town and that was Dr. Brookes. So I booked a consultation and had the treatment done there and then. It was so easy – Dr. Brookes fully explained the procedure and determined what I wanted and expected out of the treatment.

Clearly a hugely experienced practitioner, Dr. Brookes is very personable and makes you feel completely at ease with no pressure whatsoever. The treatment was pain free and over very quickly – the results were amazing. Very natural as promised yet pretty dramatic too – the difference is very impressive, but as it is so natural looking and not a “frozen face” look, it exceeded my expectations.

I would recommend Dr. Brookes without a doubt, and can honestly say that I will not go anywhere else now. Why would I, when I have experienced the best service with someone I now trust.

Mr H, Surrey

* I went to Mount Alvernia to have SmartLipo on my abdomen. The procedure was carried out by Dr. Brookes, whom I had previously been to see for a consultation. I was greeted by very professional, friendly staff who were most helpful in guiding me to where I had to go. Once at the patient lounge I was offered tea and coffee and was informed of the time scale they were running to. Mount Alvernia is a quiet and clean hospital and it was very pleasant as the lounge opened out into a garden. I felt relaxed and happy to be there. When my turn came to go to theatre, Dr. Brookes came out and gowned me up and told me exactly what to expect e.g. how many people were in the theatre etc. Once inside, I was greeted again by very friendly staff who immediately put me at ease and I felt relaxed and confident. The SmartLipo procedure was very straightforward. I was awake throughout the whole procedure. I felt a small scratch from the local and once the abdomen was numbed all I felt was pressure here and there. Dr. Brookes was fantastic. She kept me informed the whole time as to what she was doing and constantly checked that I was OK and comfortable. After the procedure, Dr. Brookes gave me my corset to wear, antibiotics and an after care sheet to take home. I walked out happy and pleased that I had had the Smartlipo done and excited about the future results! I went home and cooked my kids tea, bathed and put them to bed! I was a little tender in the night, slight bruising and swelling but it had gone in two days. Suffice to say that I was very impressed with the before and after care that I received from the hospital and Dr. Brookes’ staff and the procedure was so straightforward that I would definitely have it done again!

Mrs F, Surrey

* I am thirty-six and have constantly battled with my weight. From late teens through twenties and now thirties my weight has yo-yoed. Then three years ago I had my daughter and now I have a new battle – my stomach. Somehow all my weight seemed to sit on my abdomen and no amount of gym and swim seemed to fix it. I was offered an option – SmartLipo. It has been a week today since I had the procedure and I have no regrets and am even planning to have more. The day of the procedure went so well. Dr. Brookes and her team were so helpful and reassuring and explained everything as we went along. I felt a little anxious when I had to wear a gown for the theatre but once in, everyone was jolly and I soon forgot I was in an operating theatre, it felt more like a dental surgery. Once the procedure was finished, I was fit and well enough to get dressed and go home. I sat in the car thinking is this right to be feeling as well as I do but I felt fine. The next morning I was expecting to feel a little bruised but nothing. I didn’t even take a Paracetamol. There was no need. Would I do it again? Yes, because it was right for me. Once again, I would like to thank Dr. Brookes for giving me the kick start I needed.

Miss I, Surrey

* I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you and your team for your patience and for taking care of me so well and I am so pleased that I’ve had it done. I have no pain at all, no bruising, didn’t need to take any painkillers and everything seems to be healing nicely. What an amazing procedure!

* As an Holistic Therapist, having wrinkle treatment wasn’t on my agenda until staring back at me were several lines on my forehead and around my eyes! I was then introduced to Dr. Brookes who in her positive confident manner assured me I would still look natural. How right she was, not even my closest friends have realised I now have wrinkle treatment, they just keep thinking how well and good I look!

Miss L, Surrey

* I recently attended the clinic of Dr. Brookes at Mount Alvernia Hospital to undergo non-invasive cosmetic treatment. Throughout the whole process, including the initial consultation, I found Dr. Brookes to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and above all professional with regard to treatments etc. Before the treatment started she explained in detail exactly what she would be doing and the realistic expectation that would be achieved. During treatment she was reassuring through the whole process and I can only say through my own experience that it was completely pain-free. I will have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Brookes should the need arise.


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